Appendix A: letters

My dear son,

As you will have heard I am laid up under the regime of our good doctor
Nibui. I am mending very well, and hope to be up and about soon.

But I am sure you are wondering why I am writing. Enclosed you will
find a letter from your cousin Fujiko which I have just received.
As you will recall Fujiko left us to live in Sekku-na with her new
husband when she married ten years ago.

Now she is evidently in trouble. I am sure she would not write in
such a fashion if she were not in urgent need. Were I not laid up
I would be on my way already, but I am sure your mother will not allow
me off the estate for some weeks yet. So I must ask you to beg the
daimyo for leave of absence to go in my place. Perhaps he might be
willing to allow some of the friends you have mentioned to accompany

I have enclosed a letter to the daimyo requesting him to release you
which you may use if you consider it neccessary, I leave this to your

PS Not a word to your mother! It would be all over Gozen in a week
and I would not wish Bakin to hear anything, he might forbid any action.

Dear Unkle,

I write to you in haste as the merchant carrying my note must leave
upon the hour. I am in desperate need of your aid, the life of my
children and my unworthy self are threatened and I have no one else
to turn to. I can say no more in case this falls into wrong hands.

[The above written in feminine mode on a scrap piece of paper. It is unsigned.]


As you may have heard I am presently laid up after a fall, recovering
well I am glad to report. However an urgent family matter has arisen
which involves travelling some considerable distance, and I would
therefore request you to release my son to go in my place.

Ijichi Moritamo

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