A trial run

For a trial run of our Chart, let's try an imaginary religion. The Eronessans are a religious group devised for my roleplaying universe, take a look at them and then come back. We'll give 1 point for each obvious cult feature and half a point for being somewhere in the middle.
  1. They certainly had a founder (the Unknown Seer), but his followers do not claim his authority. There are no holy texts. A miss.
  2. Everyone else is wrong about the nature of the universe, but that confers no particular present advantages on the group apart from a smug sense of superiority! A miss.
  3. Questioning and examining is not only encouraged, it is obligatory. On the other hand women are kept away from the corrupt world, and social life is largely internal. Half a point?
  4. There is no missionary work, but wealth and influence are important to protect the sect. Helping fellow sect members is required, as are tithes to the temple. Another half point.
  5. Eronessans have suffered sufficient persecution to feel their primary loyalty is to each other, not the countries they reside in. They don't believe in an organised conspiracy against them however. Half a point.
  6. Leaving the faith inevitably results in a fading of family ties, so it is usually a hard decision to take. There is neither rejection nor encouragement to return. Half a point.
  7. There is no outside force to initiate Great Changes, but they will surely come when the group is large enough to change the universe directly. The Changes may not be to the liking of the remnant of non-believers, but that's their problem. Half a point.
So how did they do? 2.5 out of 7 - more a religion than a cult it would seem.
I leave it to you to try your some real world groups.
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