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A Beginner's Guide to Word Clearing

(Vers 2.1 July 2004)

Stupidity is the effect of misunderstood words - L Ron Hubbard (HCOB 4 Sep 1971)

As in many newsgroups, words, phrases and acronyms are used that you won't find in your dictionary. There is nothing unusual about this - football fans, car mechanics and computer nerds can also be difficult to understand. It can be confusing for the newcomer though. What follows is a list of some of the commoner 'buzz words'. Some are 'official' Scientology terms, others not, the difference should be, er, obvious...

Duke the dog
Duke on picket duty
This short glossary is in part derived from Martin Hunt's comprehensive (and polemic) 'Terminology FAQ', regularly posted to ARS.
A shorter, snappier and multicoloured version edited by Dave Bird is at
The Official Scientology and Dianetics Glossary is at
It is aimed at experienced CoS members and is consequently quite technical.
An essay explaining the ideology and jargon of Scientology is at
A list of just about all pro- and anti- Scientology related Web sites and FAQs is at
A hyperlinked version of this glossary is at

Words marked with * have a different meaning in standard English.

2D Two-D or Second Dynamic. The 'family' dynamic, includes the sex act and the raising of children. An 'out-2D' in the CoS is a violation of the 2D rules, which can be anything from kissing to adultery.
ABS alt.binaries.scientology. The place to post pictures relevant to ARS, which is a 'text only' newsgroup.
ACT alt.clearing.technology. An Internet newsgroup where people who are interested in Hubbard's teachings but don't like the CoS (Freezoners) can be found.
ARC The ARC triangle: Affinity, Reality and Communication. When one of the points is raised all the other points are raised. Pronounced 'Ay-ar-see'.
Anonymous Some posters to ARS use nicknames, either for fun or to conceal their true identities. Some use Anonymous Remailing, a method of concealing the origin of the posting. There is nothing sinister about this, though it can be confusing.
ARC Break A breakdown in ARC such as a quarrel.
ARS alt.religion.scientology. Originally set up by critics of the CoS, possibly the most famous (or infamous) of Internet newsgroups. Sometimes used by pro-CoS posters as a term for their opponents, as in "The ARS are religious bigots".
ARSCC ARS Central Committee. An imaginary secret organisation that coordinates attacks on the CoS, a joke reference to alleged CoS paranoia.
ARS in Review A regular digest of the most interesting anti-CoS news items, it was posted, E-mailed and webbed for those with no time to read ARS. Currently 'resting'.
*Auditing A process central to scientology whereby an Auditor assists the student to progress in one-on-one sessions. At later stages self-auditing becomes possible.
Big Win A success in progressing up the Bridge, or in anything.
*Blow To get rid of an engram or thetan OR to leave the CoS suddenly.
Body Routing Selling scientology to the public on the street.
BTs Body Thetans. Confused disembodied thetans which are believed to be attached in large numbers to everyone. For reasons explained in OT III, there are a lot more thetans than physical bodies available for them. Once auditing has removed all engrams, it can be used to chase away these BTs.
Bridge The Bridge to Total Freedom, a symbolic representation of the long sequence of courses offered by the CoS to members.
CAN Cult Awareness Network. An American organisation whose aims originally matched its title. Driven into bankruptcy, bought out and presently staffed by Scientologists. The original CAN was claimed to have had close connections with 'deprogrammers' who illegally kidnapped cult members. It is widely believed that the CoS had a spy with a stolen identity ('Laura/Jolie') within CAN.
Cancelbunny ARS was for a period plagued by people who fraudulently canceled articles critical of the CoS. As fast as they were tracked down they hopped to another Internet account, hence the name. See Lazarus.
Celebrity Center CoS orgs specialising in attracting well-known personalities into the CoS, most notably Hollywood stars.
CCHR Citizens Commission on Human Rights. A CoS 'front-group' that attacks psychs.
Clam A derogatory term for a fanatical scientologist. According to Hubbard in 'The History of Man' our thetans occupied other lifeforms such as clams whilst waiting for intelligent life to evolve on Earth.
*Clear A person who has freed his mind of harmful engrams. An important stage on the Bridge.
CoS Church of Scientology. Why 'church' and other terms normally associated with mainstream Christianity were chosen when Scientology became a religion is debatable.
DA Dead Agent. Officially, disseminating true information about enemies of the CoS. Allegedly a standard CoS tactic used to distract attention from the real issue under debate.
Declare The CoS equivalent of excommunication. See http://www.daisy.freeserve.co.uk/declare.htm for an example.
Dianetics "Dianetics - the Modern Science of Mental Health", title of the best selling book by Hubbard which first presented his ideas in 1950. Scientology, an expansion of Dianetics, followed in 1952. See NED.
*Disconnection When people within a cult cut off communication with relatives and friends outside of it they 'disconnect'.
DM David Miscavige, current leader of Scientology who took over shortly before the death of Hubbard. The CoS is not democratically organised, the leadership being self appointed.
'Dorian' Pseudonym (derived from Oscar Wilde) of a mysterious person who claimed on ARS in 1998 to have been a member of a secret group that devised Scientology as a demonstration of mind control techniques, using L Ron Hubbard as their 'front man'.
Downstat Originally a fall in productivity by a CoS staff member, now used for anything not nice.
Duke A toy dog on wheels with water-wings, mascot of British anti-CoS picketers.
*Dynamic A sub-division of a person's urge to survive in life - not a concept original to scientology. The CoS has Eight Dynamics: (1) Self (2) family (3) group (4) human race (5) plants and animals (6) MEST Universe (7) Spiritual Universe (8) Infinity or God.
E-meter An electrical device used in auditing that resembles a lie detector.
*Engrams Forgotten bad memories. The reactive (unconscious) mind stores these in audio/visual form. Auditing removes them, first from one's present life then from past lives. This allegedly produces all kinds of mental and physical benefits.
Entheta 'Not-theta'. Bad stuff; criticism of CoS.
Enturbulate To upset or worry. My favorite scientology word!
*Ethics Within the CoS the use of this word is orientated towards Scientology, thus not performing well on a course can be deemed 'unethical' and the 'Ethics Officer' is responsible for keeping people in line and eradicating entheta thinking.
Fair Game A CoS policy on attacking its perceived enemies. Officially abandoned, critics claim in name only.
Flag The advanced CoS training facility in Clearwater, Florida.
Foot-Bullet A joking reference to the allegedly frequent CoS habit of making a total mess of Public Relations.
Freedom The official CoS magazine, which has Internet editions.
Freezoners People who left the CoS to practice scientology independently. The name refers in part to their belief that Tech should be freely available.
GO Guardian's Office. See OSA.
*Handle to fix something up or solve a problem.
*Hat A post or job within CoS. Derived from the armed forces.
HCO Hubbard Communication Office. The centre of power when Hubbard was alive. The quote this FAQ began with is from an HCO Bulletin.
*Implant A hypnotic suggestion carried by thetans, put in millions of years ago. See Xenu. The general purpose of implants was to prevent anyone from learning about Xenu's evil plot during future lives.
IRS Internal Revenue Service - the USA Tax Collectors. Granted the CoS exemption from tax as a 'non-profit' religion after a long legal battle.
Killfile It is possible to set some News Reader programs to ignore postings by people you believe only post rubbish - to killfile them.
KR Knowledge Report. A factual account of something which when presented to the appropriate person should be acted upon. Allegedly used within the CoS to encourage members to report any entheta behaviour by other members.
Lazarus A robot computer program that detects canceled posts on ARS and posts a list of them each week - see Cancelbunny.
Lisa Lisa McPherson, a scientologist whose death under disputed circumstances in Clearwater, Florida December 1995 resulted in pickets and much media attention. A civil case against the Church was finally settled out of court in 2004.
LMT Founded in 1999 by critics of the CoS headed by Bob Minton, the Lisa McPherson Trust was located close to Flag in Clearwater.
LRH Lafayette Ron Hubbard (1911-1986), founder and guru of Scientology, author of many of its courses and teachings. Genius? Charlatan? He certainly had a larger than life, charismatic personality.
Lurker Someone who reads a newsgroup but does not contribute. Lurking for a while to get the flavour of a newsgroup before joining in is actually quite sensible.
MEST Matter, Energy, Space and Time. The components of the physical universe.
MU Misunderstood Word. Hubbard stressed the importance of avoiding MUs by using a dictionary when reading. Connecting words together to make logical sense does not seem to be part of CoS Tech however.
Narconon A CoS 'front-group' that is concerned with curing drug addiction using Tech.
NED New Era Dianetics, Dianetics expanded to include the auditing of past lives
Newsgroups Also called 'UseNet'. Part of the Internet, newsgroups are folders containing articles which anyone with Internet access can post. Most newsgroups are unmoderated - no editorial control or 'owner' - to the delight of libertarians and the annoyance of authorities.
'Crossposting' (sending an article to many newsgroups at once) and 'vertical spam' (sending many small posts) are considered bad practice and often result in 'flaming' (rude and insulting articles or E-mails).
Org from Organisation. The basic CoS unit, which may have smaller Missions attached. Often used to refer to the building housing the org. The term 'church' is official but rarely used.
OSA Office of Special Affairs. Allegedly the CoS 'dirty tricks' department, successor to the GO which was disbanded following a purge.
OT Operating Thetan. The next important stage after Clear. No CoS member is supposed to talk about OT courses, even to other members, and the CoS has gone to considerable expense attempting to prevent this copyrighted material from appearing on the Internet. OT courses are followed solo from written manuals and tapes.
OT III Third of the OT courses and the one most often mentioned on ARS, it allegedly deals with events 75 million years ago. See Xenu.
PC folder 'PC' is 'pre-clear'. Auditors are not supposed to reveal the contents of the file kept of sessions with pre-clears, but the CoS is alleged to use these files to Dead Agent ex-members.
Psychs Psychiatrists and psychologists. It is part of CoS dogma that these professions do nothing but harm, and that non-religious mental treatment should be discontinued. See CCHR.
PTS Potential Trouble Source. A person who has been influenced by an SP into attacking Scientology. 'PTS Type III' is a mental breakdown caused by contact with entheta.
Purification Rundown A CoS cleansing process that allegedly removes all drugs and radiation from the system. Includes exercise, saunas and taking vitamins and minerals in large doses.
Restimulate Activate unpleasant engrams or implants.
Rice and Beans A joking reference to the poor quality food allegedly given to Sea Org staff for failing to meet production targets.
RPF Rehabilitation Project Force. The place where CoS staff go to be punished - voluntarily of course.
RTC Religious Technology Center. Holds the copyrights and trademarks to Scientology and is the current power center, over and above the CoS itself. It has been alleged that RTC is in turn controlled by a cabal of lawyers who are not themselves Scientologists!
Saint Hill Scientology's former HQ, a country manor in East Grinstead, England. Still a regional headquarters. 'Saint Hill' is used nowadays as a label for other administrative centers.
Snow White Code name for an espionage operation by the GO to infiltrate US government offices and purge their files of incriminating material. Documents were stolen from the IRS, the DEA, the Coast Guard, and the US Attorney's office. Hubbard's wife, Mary Sue and others were convicted and received prison sentences.
SO Sea Org. Headquarters staff, the controlling element in the CoS. Sea Org personnel wear imitation naval uniforms and sign 'billion year contracts'. The term derives from a period when Hubbard lived on a yacht.
Source The teachings of L Ron Hubbard.
Sporgery A combination of 'Spam' and 'Forgery'. Postings to newsgroups which combine fake headers with nonsense text, generated and posted by a robot program from a throw away account. Used in a sustained attack on ARS in 1999.
SP Suppressive Person. An evil, messed up individual who is compulsively attacking the CoS. A person can be officially 'declared' SP.
Squirrel A person who alters the Tech in any way. The CoS and the Freezone have accused each other of doing so.
Tech from Technology, but specifically refers to the details of courses, the 'nuts and bolts' of scientology. Tech is universally applicable, and a number of CoS 'front-groups' exist to facilitate this in business, education etc.
Thetan The immortal spirit or soul that we all are.
*Tone Scale A numbered list of emotional states, higher is better. Some numbers are used in jargon, eg 1.1 (Covert Hostility).
TR Training Routine. Teaching auditors to be objective and not get emotionally involved. Scientologists giving a 'hard stare' to opponents are allegedly using TR to disconcert them.
*Troll An Internet term for someone who deliberately posts inflammatory material but doesn't participate in the ensuing discussion - a troublemaker.
UpStat Increasing productivity, feeling good.
Verbal Tech Explaining Tech to someone else. This is heavily discouraged as being potentially confusing and unnecessary (Tech is 100% understandable), though critics allege other motives such as promoting unquestioning obedience to authority.
Wall of Fire Another term for OT III.
WISE World Institute of Scientology Enterprises. A CoS 'front-group' that licenses training courses based on Tech to businesses.
Wog A derogatory term for non-scientologists. See http://www.daisy.freeserve.co.uk/wog_faq.htm for the complex origins of this word.
Xenu (or Xemu) According to OT III, the evil ruler of an interstellar empire 75 million years ago who solved an overpopulation crisis by putting billions of frozen people down volcanoes, blowing them up with H-bombs and then severely enturbulating their thetans (ourselves included). The CoS secret mission is to reverse this damage and then turn people into super beings.

Comments, corrections, flames to hpttrsn@daisy.freeserve.co.uk

Dead Agent leaflet

A CoS Dead Agent leaflet distributed to neighbours of an Internet terrorist. Identity concealed as per ARSCC policy to protect the guilty. More recent DA leaflets perhaps surprisingly carry copyright notices!

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