Price Lists

First the student has to reach 'Clear', a state in which the accumulated traumas from his current life have been neutralised.

The following costs in US dollars are estimates by Curiousus from a 2001 ARS posting. They are for beginning to Clear in a Class V org when attending the auditor and assume IAS lifetime membership

Auditor courses (L0 to NED) 28,800
Materials (books, cassettes) 3,600
Two quantum e-meters 9,300
50 intensives (-50% as auditor) 88,000
Total 129,700

Beyond Clear the student has to go to an Advanced Org

Here are the prices charged at Saint Hill, the CoS college in East Grinstead, extracted from Advance Magazine United Kingdom issue 162 [circa Jan 2003]. Figures are in British pounds [ ] and again assume IAS Lifetime Membership.

The Philadelphia Doctorate Course Lectures on CD 1,037.83
The Phoenix Lectures on CD 297.57
The State of Man Lectures on CD 138.38
The Saint Hill New Civilization Series Lectures on CD 207.57
The Portable Clearsound CD Listening System 324.00
Scientology: 8-8008 24.00
50 hours: 30% off full donation rate 14,907.20
75 hours: 35 % off full donation rate 20,763.60
100 hours: 40 % off full donation rate 25,555.30
Hubbard Solo Auditor Course Part I 2,816.00
Hubbard Solo Auditor Course Part II 1,102.40
Hubbard Solo Auditor Certainty Course 1,408.00
OT Preps & Eligibility Auditing (per 12.5 hours) 3,335.20
Grade VI (R6EW) 1,984.80
Clearing Course 2,756.00
New OT I 1,340.00
OT II 2,640.00
OT III 4,540.00
New OT IV (per 12.5 hours) 4,259.20
New OT V Audited NOTs (per 12.5 hours) 4,259.20
Doctorate Course for OTs 1,488.00
Scientology 8-80 24.00
Scientology 0-8 18.00
Scientology A History of Man 24.00
The Creation of Human Ability 24.00
Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health 22.00
Self Analysis 18.00
Dianetics 55! 24.00
Scientology The Fundamentals of Thought 18.00
The Problems of Work 18.00
Regular Edition 3,217.27
Special Edition 3,653.16

"Donations promptly refunded to any dissatisfied student or preclear, in accordance with the policies of the Claims Verification Board, if the preclear or student is dissatisfied and demands it within three months after the training or processing, the only condition being that he may not again be processed or trained.

"No donation for any of the Advanced Courses [R6EW, Clearing Course, New OT I, OT II OT III, New OT VI, New OT VII or New OT VIII] or further OT Courses will be refunded as this is the student as his own auditor and is his own responsibility."

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