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Know your Enemy

This Guardian Order was circulated to all staff of the Guardian's Office as a guide to spotting 'Suppressives' (enemies and traitors) within Scientology. It is an interesting insight into what the fanatical Scientologist - and its author, Jane Kember, most certainly was that - considers to be antithetical to Scientology.

It is certain that L. Ron Hubbard himself approved of this, it is after all based on Hubbard's own descriptions of how an SP would behave.


GO Staff 30 November 1971


As GO W/W has continuous difficulty with those who cannot recognise 1.1 statements, usually uttered by reasonable treason cases, SPs etc., attached is a list of famous quotes, so that they are recognisable.

  1. The data of Scientology actually stems from famous religious and philosophical teachers of the past, ie Buddha, Confucious [sic], etc and therefore there lies no monopoly on the data of Scientology.
  2. LRH states that he has given Scientology as a gift to mankind, therefore I use it as I see fit.
  3. LRH wants the data of Scientology to be spread widely, so I am using it in _______ (Whatever you wish to insert) and there is no copyright on wisdom. (even if I pervert and alter-is every bit of it.)
  4. If you don't help me, I may be put in the uncomfortable position of having to tell the authorities the truth.
  5. I'm not in disagreement with LRH, only the organization.
  6. I know the tech works, but the organization is suppressive.
  7. I know the tech works, but I disagree with Ron. (generally a load of entheta follows on LRH.)
  8. After I left Scientology, I was caught up and led astray by some local SP or circumstances, or the fates, or the stars etc.
  9. I was too upset to know what I was doing when I went to the Press, Govt, Mental Home, Psychiatrist etc.
  10. (A person goes to the Police, authorities etc) I only did this because I felt I could right a real wrong in the organization.
  11. If the technology of Scientology is to be fully used, nothing should be confidential, which is why I stole the CC material etc.
  12. I had to tell the reporter - after all it was true.
  13. If they would deliver tech, there is no need for ethics.
  14. Scientology is just one facet of other technologies, as old as the East.
  15. The orgs have failed us, so I am taking Scientology to (teaching, business, banking etc.)
  16. The essence of Scientology is good, but (Ron, the orgs, the SO, the GO people) have lost it.
  17. Ron himself admits that other technologies have been workable.
  18. Scientology is an interesting technique which should be used in pshyco-therapy [sic], business, efficiency, education etc etc.
  19. In my book, essay, film, etc I have used L. Ron Hubbard's ideas with my own, improved the TRs, processes, English, etc.
  20. L. Ron Hubbard may appeal to the Americans but his books will have to be rewritten for the English, French, Germans etc.
  21. There is nothing new in Scientology.
  22. If the orgs had wonderful expensive premises, with deep pile carpets, chandaliers [sic], etc. then they would be successful.
  23. I have progressed past Scientology now, and am doing Yoga, Theosophy, Colour Therapy etc.
  24. I only want to check into other groups before I decide that Scientology is the only way.
  25. Ethics is, the Gestapo, pressure, evil, secret, taking the law into our own hands, a state within a state, crushing, vicious.
  26. Ethics is the reason why Scientology is attacked.
  27. Scientologists are mocking up an enemy.
  28. There are no SPs, only people who don't understand and should be helped.
  29. I am helping from the outside.
  30. I am attacking Scientology, LRH, orgs, to get them back on purpose.
  31. I don't have any by-passed charge, just theta fury.
  32. If Scientology is a religion in our country, it is finished.
  33. I know Scientology is a religion, but VIPs will be scared off if its presented that way.
  34. No-one should be overt.
  35. The best method of dissemination is to give them data they can use, and when they have had lots of wins, tell them its Scientology.
  36. I only attacked Scientology because I did not understand what it was doing.
  37. Prove it.
  38. Its not on my purpose line at this time.
  39. If you take action against me, the field will come with me.
  40. I am the stable datum in the area. I am Scientology, the Org etc.
  41. LRH should run the orgs democratically.
  42. LRH stole Scientology from me, Buddha, Thomas Edison, the Mayans, the Egyptians, the Martians, my great aunt Phoebe etc.
  43. Ron, the Org, the SO, MSH doesn't understand me.
  44. As long as you recognise it as an overt and admit it, you can do anything you like.
  45. I'm totally pan-determined about the whole thing.
  46. Ethics are for people who are at that level.
  47. I never have any PR trouble - I handle with ARC (means he or she has never done anything).
  48. What does handle mean?
  49. There was wrong on both sides.
  50. I was third partied to Ron, Mary Sue, the SO, etc.
  51. The trouble I'm having is due to false reports at W/W, GO, SO, Continental etc etc.
  52. I didn't blow, I just exteriorized from the area.
  53. What is out 2D?
  54. (person who leaves with the funds) - I regard it as a short term loan - not theft.
  55. There is no right or wrong except by consideration so you had better change your considerations on me, my actions etc.
  56. They nearly had me thinking I was an SP.
  57. My abilities make me dangerous.
  58. My cause level is too high for the area to receive.
  59. I have recovered from my experiences with the org, ethics, Scn etc.
  60. I have decided to come back now that the Execs, Ethics Officer, etc have been changed.
  61. The Germans, Swedes, Danes, French, Japanese etc will never accept this or these bookcovers, promo pieces, course, order etc.
  62. I have no disagreement with Ethics, it's only the incorrect application I told the press about.
  63. I want to start a centre where you can get Dianetics with naturepathy [sic], homeopathy, nature cure, Yoga, theosophy, meditation, etc and mescaline.
  64. If the org, the GO, the SO, LRH, hadn't stopped me, I could have handled the UK Govt, the FDA, Victoria, the S.A. Govt. etc.
  65. I was in power until they invalidated me.
  66. LRH, MSH, GO, SO, Orgs, Scn are in treason to me.
  67. I actually invented the power processes, the CC Course, OT III etc.
  68. I have improved on the meter design, the TRs, Engram Running, policy etc.
  69. It would do Scientology good to be banned because _________.

GO staff must be able to recognise those of evil intent as they push towards the orgs. They always tell you, but this tends to be not-ised in a flood of reasonableness. Past actions are important, and we do not permit those who have previously betrayed us to come back to betray again.

Of course Ethics, Tech and Admin will handle but we owe no duty of care to SPs or traitors. We do not consider that one strayed sheep, returned to the fold is of greater importance than those who have never strayed - nor do we consider that because an SP wants to return, he or she is automatically trustworthy.

Scientology is earned and no-one has it as a right.

The GO is totally unreasonable as operating procedure.

Thanks to Chris Owen for originally posting this on alt.religion.scientology

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