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There is a convenient locator map for CoS branches in the UK.

Saint Hill near East Grinstead is an Advanced Service Organisation, of which there are five worldwide. ASOs provide as the name indicates the 'secret' courses only available to members who have reached 'Clear'.

The standard Orgs have courses up to Clear. There are eight in the UK:
East Grinstead
Sunderland (at Newcastle)

Missions are smaller branches, often franchised to 'Mission Holders' at no financial risk to the CoS if they fail. They provide low level courses only. Some UK Missions are 'affiliated' to specific Orgs, I'm not sure what that means, perhaps they are not franchises. Anyway, seven Missions:
Bournemouth (at Poole)
Tunbridge Wells

Back in the early 90s according to Chris Owen Chichester, Leeds, Southampton and York Missions closed, so two of the above are revivals. Belfast is listed under Ireland, evidently they are Catholic scientologists. Administratively the Mission in Dublin is also part of CoS(UK). Bournemouth Mission was active in 2004 with 24 staff including 3 auditors and 3 supervisors.

New Missions:

York opening 7 June 2007

Tunbridge Wells opening, late 2005.

The 2001 Census figures for Scientology in England and Wales were broken down by Region:

Religion East England East Midlands London North East North West South East South West Wales Cymru West Midlands Yorkshire Humberside Grand Total
Scientology 72 36 262 59 109 928 144 24 99 48 1781

This gives the highest number of adherents in 'South East', where Saint Hill is located.

A recent (2006) Church defector tells us that London has a core of about 70 active public scientologists with a couple of hundred who just do events and stuff, many have done the Bridge or have freeloaders bills. This matches the Census figure.

He was told Saint Hill gets about 800 to 'local' events, ie without bussing from other Orgs. We assume a lot of these are oldtimers, some dating back to LRH's time at Saint Hill. Students at Saint Hill mostly come from Southern Europe nowadays. Again, close to the Census figure.

A newsgroup posting quoted an internal Email giving sales targets for the new 2007 'Basic Books and Lectures Package'. This gives some indication of the relative sizes of UK Orgs. The Package costs thousands of dollars, so presumably only dedicated CoS members would buy it, not casual inquirers:

Subject: Quotas for book & Course Sales in UK
From: <>
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
18 july 2007

Here's the email sent out from AOSHUK to all public.


Below are the quotas  we (yes, that does include you and me and your
org staff) need to make by 10 pm today:
                 Book & Lecture Golden Age of Knowledge Library Donations
                 packages       course starts/addenda/
                                 Extension crses
AOSH:            225            150                    1100
SHF              75             100                     500
Birmingham       75             125                     400
Brighton         25             40                      100
CCLondon         30             70                      100
HAPI             30             70                      100
LDND             50             75                      100
LDNF             40             55                      80
Manchester       30             70                      100
Plymouth         30             70                      100
Sunderland       30             70                      100

Total 640.

AOSH = Saint Hill Advanced Org
SHF = Saint Hill Foundation Org
CCLondon = London Celebrity Centre
HAPI = Edinburgh Org
LDND = London Day
LDNF = London Foundation

'Library Donations' is a project to replace the sets of Scientology books in all Libaries with the new books, at members expense of course not the Church's.

Corrections and more data please!