A Penny and OT powers

A penny and OT powers by Roland Rashleigh-Berry
30 Aug 2001

When we were picketing the bookshop at East Grinstead we were met by a determined opposition. Because on the previous occasion I had been giving out Xenu flyers and telling the clams the story of Xenu, causing much enturbulation, they sent out their -- OTs <-- to handle us. Once I had established that they were OTs (I asked them and they told me) I asked them if they had real OT powers.

Of course they said they did. So I consulted with the other picketers and asked them if they were willing to call off the picket for that day if one of these OTs could demonstrate clear OT powers in the form of levetating a penny off the palm of my hand using thought alone. They agreed. The OTs were listening. So I put a penny in my hand and said that if they lifted it with their OT thoughts alone then we would go away for that day. Do you know, they actually tried! Can you imagine it? Adults thinking they could perhaps lift a penny with their thoughts.

They gathered around it and looked hopefully and seriously at it as if it would lift. I said "go on, it's only a little penny", and they looked at it even more hopefully with their necks craned forward. I said "you did say you had OT powers, didn't you?". So after a while one of them said "we ought to charge you money for this. If we lift it then you should pay us money". So I offered not only for us to go away but I would send them 2000 as well.

So they looked at the penny hard again. The penny still stayed in my palm. I said to the OT who was the leader "You are OT 5 I thought you said. Surely you can do this at your level". He then said "OTs can do this at one of the higher levels". I asked them if he had seen any OT 8's do something like that. He had not.

Can you believe that adults can be so stupid?

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