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Life after Death

Well what happened to you?

The vampire plunged it's fangs into my neck...

It drained all your POW, you ceased to exist, died the real death.
We are not having this conversation. Next?

The troll, bashed my head in...

I had a fever, itchy spots...

I opened the treasure chest, then this ghost attacked...

Pain, in my chest, couldn't breathe...

OK, OK, one at a time please! Now unless your POW has gone you are now a spirit, this grey forest is the spirit plane. If you reckon your friends might be able to get you back, then I should hang around here for a bit. No you can't see your body, it's dead, but those swirling blobs of colour are the auras of people and creatures on the material plane.

I am a sorceror

My condolences. Those crazies doing a war dance round you were your bound spirits, if you're unlucky they'll attack you and take all your magic points. Yes, it will hurt. Don't worry they can't kill you, you're dead already, remember? Just hope they get bored and go away. But then most spirits don't like sorcerors, and most all your spells won't work here. Try hiding.

I am a shaman

This is a place you know well. You need no advice from me.

Our shaman told me what to expect

Follow his words. If he has gone before you, find him, if not his predeccessors are here somewhere to help you.

I want to join my ancestors

Dwarf are you? Special arrangement - that stone door over there. No? Then maybe this yellow brick road, or that rainbow.

I went to the Temple, but I never initiated

Your Goddess hasn't been informed of your death. Yes I know, damn bureaucracy again. Try praying real hard, and if she hears you will be drawn up to her.

I am an Initiate

See that yellow light up there? He's calling you, just float up. Of course you can fly, remember your dreams.

I am a Priest

You're flying already.

I never bothered with that religion stuff.

The Gods have no interest in you, unless an evil God imprisons you and tortures you for your magical essence. The Shamans will ignore you. You're on your own.

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