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A note from the Creator.

A quick guide to Runequest

A world map.

Caran, a relatively civilised part of the world.

A Short History.

The Kedu. In this aquatic species Gloranthan experts may detect some resemblance to the ducks of that world, this is coincidental though I confess the concept of the Book of Kells is not mine, being lifted from a Phil Dick novel!

In pubs they play Kerboge. The illustration appeared unsolicited in the post and became the cover for the following issue of my fanzine: I was intrigued to see not only what a Kerboge board looked like but also what kind of clothes people wore in Midgard.

The Myan are a tribe that really come from my Nippon campaign.

Life after Death was inspired by a Gloranthan game session when Jenny said 'So my character's dead. What happens next?'

The Eronessans are a home grown religion, others are Earth imports such as Christianity.

The The Very First Book about Karina is about about the founding of a new religion.

Rules for Alchemy: my favorite Gloranthan character was an alchemist duck who was annoyed to find that his family business didn't exist in 3rd Edition Runequest.

Sea Sickness, Vertigo and Diseases. More ways of killing Characters.

Riddles suitable for sphinxes, gatekeepers and nassty things in lakeses.

The garden of Jane Delauney is a 'Gateway' scenario set not on Midgard but in a very small pocket universe. Those who disapprove of mixing unrealities will be offended by this, as it includes orcs, the Tardis, unicorns and Robin Hood...

Some more Midgard stuff will perhaps appear here at a later date, possibly even an on-world scenario.

[Chad line]
A note on our separator, which was called kilroy.gif when I downloaded it. This is an interesting misnomer: Kilroy is the ubiquitous gentleman who writes his name on walls, but the icon is of Chad (aka Flywheel or Doomie, thanks Daniel!), who also appeared on walls in Britain in WWII with as added above a speech balloon saying "Wot no ....?". The .... would be something unobtainable due to shortages, as in "Wot no bananas?". Mr Chad was naturally guaranteed to annoy the authorities!


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