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The Kedu

The Kedu are a non-human race of uncertain origin. At first glance they look like small furry humanoids, though their lizard-like heads and egg-laying would suggest a seperate evolution from reptilian stock. They average 4'6'' (1.5m) height and 125lb (57kg) weight. Adapted to an aquatic existence, they have air holes in the backs of their heads and a dolphin-like sonar system.

According to Kedu legend they once lived in a wet, cold world from which they came to Midgard, where they have lived along the banks of the Caranad as long as humans can remember. A good few live in Caranja on the south bank above the Up Ferry.

There is apparently no specific Kedu religion, those that use magic either employ simple Spirit magic or if more serious Sorcery - Diddletree, one of the most famous mages of old, was a Kedu.

While Kedu communicate amongst themselves by whistles and clicks they can also speak human fashion. In outlook aside from their religious scepticism they are remarkably like humans, getting on much better with them than other closer related species such as Darklings or Ruain. In part this may be because humans have difficulty considering waddling furry creatures that whistle through the tops of their heads as a serious threat.

In Midgard the Kedu are best known as purveyors of the Book of Kells. This red leather bound octavo book is sold around Caranja for about Ł1 (used copies returnable for 5fl). It has several remarkable properties.

Kedu as characters

{In RuneQuest 3 format}
   STR    2D6+3   10      Move 2
   CON    3D6     10-11   Hit Points 10
   SIZ    2D6+2   9       Fatigue 20
   INT    2D6+2   13      Hit location same as human
   POW    3D6     10-11   Skin = 1pt Armour
   DEX    2D6+6   13
   APP    3D6     10-11
For Manipulation skills subtract SIX from the Skill Modifier (webbed hands are a hinderance!). Kedu start with Swim = DEXx5 they can hold their breath for 20 melče rounds (4 minutes) without trouble, so for Drowning (p80) roll on CONx10 for this period before reducing.

Kedu sonar skill is the same as their swimming skill, they emit ultrasonic clicks which give an impression of their surroundings independent of vision. Kedu can therefore Scan underwater at the average of normal Scan and Swimming. Out of water sonar is much less effective, rate at 25% of normal. Note that bats, dogs and dolphins can hear Kedu sonar!

All Kedu are Civilised. Kedu cannot be Farmers, Herders, Initiates, Nobles, Priests. Their 'Kedu Lore' is the same as their Human Lore. No Divine magic is available, all Kedu can be 'initiates' of a sort, gaining all except the Divine Magic benefits available to Civilised Initiates (p31) from some Kedu source not obvious to outsiders.

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