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A Very Short History

The general consensus amongst the races of Midgard is that they came from somewhere else. Reasons for leaving wherever they were are many and varied: for some Midgard is another life on the way to Nirvana, for others Eden or Purgatory or simply an Awful Mistake by some well intentioned but error prone deity.

There is no concrete evidence as to which God or Gods actually created Midgard. None of the currently active Gods are reported to have admitted responsibility! Human historical records go back some 7,000 years, the Dragons say Midgard is about 30,000 years old however.

The first great endeavour of man was the Iscan Empire. Ruled by a caste of Sorcerers called the God Emperors, the Iscans spread their Bronze Age culture around the Inner Sea, driving back Chaos where they found it. At first their trade was welcomed, but gradually the God Emperors in exploring the realms of High Magic lost touch with their subjects, taking tribute in ever greater amounts their servants ruled by terror and dark magic.

Thus began the Dark Millennium. For a thousand years the wealth of the Inner Lands was carried by the scarlet galleys back to Isca. Evil powers arose as Iscan administration broke down, but none dared stop the tribute. Eventually the Gods intervened and the risings began. In Caran Mandricar overthrew the Lords of Siwenna, and to resettle the lands destroyed by the battles brought in the Travanni to what is now Bluvin. This was the Golden Age, when great magics were wrought to cleanse the land. Mandricar, Dragon-friend and land-healer, left a quiet and prosperous land when he was elevated to join the Gods.

The wheel turned, and the third millennium opened with upheaval as the Coast and Sea peoples invaded Caran. The southern plains were overrun by the Coast people save for Caranja whilst the Sea people (from across the Inland Sea) settled in Shivish. At this time also the Dwarves came to the Dome. Other lands were also suffering, with the last outposts of the Iscan Empire falling, leaving only the imperishable Citadel of Brass on Isca isle.

Recovery was slow, at least in Caran, magic being feared and distrusted, and it was not until near the end of the millennium that forces of power rose again. The Magi of Hemma rediscovered the old high magic, but their experiments enabled the Lords of Siwenna to return and the White Council first became known when they banished the Lords once more.

Across the Inland Sea the rise of Ahmetad the Mad sent a wave of refugees into neighbouring lands fleeing the Jihad which while it lost its impetus with the death of Ahmetad smouldered for several centuries. At this time the Ruain first appeared in Caran, some say brought by the Dragons to help preserve the forests being encroached upon by Man.

In the Far West rose the Bright Empire of Morn, built on iron and Christianity. When Ibras fell in fire and slaughter the Peninsula submitted and watched as the armada moved on to the Brass Citadel. And after twenty-four years the God-Emperors came out, and would have destroyed all, but the White Council imposed the Great Ban and in opposing it the God-Emperors destroyed themselves and much of the isle with them. So ended the High Magic, for in imposing the Ban the Council had drained the great part of their power. From this point Modern History is dated.


A Date Chart

0 Start of the Third Cycle of Midgard
500-1500 The Dark Millennium
c 1500 Mandricar overthrows Lords of Siwenna. Iscan tribute ends. Bluvin settled by Travanni.
1950 Death of Mandricar
c 2000 Coast and Sea peoples invade Caran. Dwarves appear in the Dome. Strife, destruction and end of the 'Golden Age'.
2547 Death of Diddletree the Mage, founder of the White Council.
2800-3000    The Magi of Hemma.
3390-3446 Ahmetad the Mad founds the Kingdom. Jihad in the East, Praha sacked.
3450 Eronessans reach Caran. Ruain first appear.
3690-3714 Siege of Isca by the Bright Empire. Great Ban imposed. Much of Isca destroyed.
3721 Imperial occupation of Caranja.
3826 The Kell pogrom.
3910-3960 Samisdat overrun Kingdom.
3940-3960 Hordes in Udnatz and Hemma.
4100 Demons in Upper Yvnad.
4126 Departure of Imperial Garrison.
4150-4200 Caran reunified by Dukes.
4171 The Great Basilisk Raid.
4200-4600 The 'Dukes' Peace'.
4600-4620 New walls of Caranja built.
4610-4750 The Reformation.
4624 The Burning: Caranja partially sacked.
4710 Semanet-League Towns war. Phirl besieged.
4833 End of Imperial tribute.
4876 Commercial War.
4878 Grain Treaty.

Comparative Dates

Equating Midgard to Earth's past and dates:
Midgard was created about the time the Lascaux caves in Southern France were being painted.
Mandricar died around the same time as King David, 1000 BC, Ahmetad in 496 AD.
Isca was destroyed in 764.
The Imperial occupation lasted from 771 to 1176.
The Reformation began in 1660.

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