Helping Hurricane victims, Part Two

From: Alice Pero

Date: 19 Sep 2005

Subject: VMing Cajun Style, a moving first hand report

This is long, but well worth the read. Take a few minutes to read it all!

Impossible not to cry (unless you are totally hard-boiled!)

VMing Cajun Style

Have you ever felt so intensely connected with LRH? So on purpose? So on fire?

I have been on purpose, on fire, on source, Cajun Style VMing in New Orleans in the Southeast United States where we are desperately needed!

Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama! Take your pick! Take all 3! We are the ONLY ones with the Tech and WE ARE DESPERATELY NEEDED to bring sanity, calmness and peace to these areas!!!!!!!!!!!!! Make it go right and GO!!!!!!!!!!

When Hurricane Katrina hit the South East United States on the 29th of August, I decided to go and help. I knew as a thetan, it was my duty. That was Monday.

On Friday, at graduation, OSA WUS and SENIOR C/S WUS briefed us on what was happening in Louisiana and the other hard hit areas. I listened intently and left feeling on fire! The VM IC WUS, Aenetta Apodaca and Sheryl from TOURS WUS 8Cd me to the sign up table, where after some good TRing I signed up ecstatically!
How did I make this go right? I work as public in the Media Unit at Bridge Publications and I also work with a Scientology group called Label Me Sane that helps beings get off psych drugs, I am on PTS/SP on a standard schedule 7 to 10p.m. Monday through Friday night at ASHOF, I am an active member of the LA OTC stress testing and VMing during the weekend, I tutor at H.E.L.P. (The Hollywood Education and Literacy Project,) and I am married to a very special thetan. And I made it go right to go!

By Saturday afternoon I definitely knew I was leaving on Monday. CLO arranged our flights to depart Los Angeles and arrive in Houston and then from Houston drive to Baton Rouge.

On Sunday I got approvals on all my LOA's for one week, then in the late afternoon purchased all the needed supplies I would need while there, and on Monday morning I was off to Baton Rouge via Houston with 10 other VMs: Jason, Teresa, Kelly, Jared, Tim, Alex, Christine, Charles, Danielle and Darcy.

Intention is an incredible experience! Within a 24-hour period we had made everything go right and here we were in Baton Rouge. At 1a.m. in the morning we pull up to the Baton Rouge mission. We are greeted by a couple of VMs, shown around the mission, shower and fall into our sleeping bags.

I wake up early around 6:45a.m.brilliantly excited and ready to roll! We sign in, grab a couple of VM shirts each, and get our pictures taken that are then attached to our badges which we wear around our necks. My badge has my picture and says:

Churches of Scientology
Volunteer Minister
Leah Friedman
Hurricane Katrina

VOAD stands for Voluntary Organizations Active In Disasters. The section of the mission where we sign in is wild with activity and production, with the beauty of logistics, with wins, with hard working thetans making everything go right, on Source with LRH. I see Jesse (Sea Org Cavalcade staff), who laughs and yells, "Theta theta!" to me.

We eat and then muster outside where we are divided into groups. The air is thick with the sultry Louisiana heat. The order comes down: We are off to New Orleans. Part of my original group stays to work in the shelters (those under 1 and the rest of us pile into vans. The 11 of us are separated into different groups. I see Cleve (SO Cavalcade staff) and give him a hug, and I see Beckett (SO Cavalcade staff) in midst of cycles.

The road to New Orleans is thick with cars. We are moving slowly. Then an emergency vehicle swoops by and the first of our vans follows suit until all of us are following each other speeding our way to New Orleans passing car after car after car still stuck in the jam.

We arrive at East Jefferson, a motor pool for the officers and now also a station offering food, tetanus and diphtheria shots and Assists to the police, sheriff officers, SWAT teams, army, and the many other emergency rescue workers as well as us.
Cleve grabs me and says that I would be perfect for this location. Another newly arrived VM, Austin, also is slated for here. Sandra Lucas is the I/C giving tetanus and diphtheria shots to the multitude of emergency rescue workers. Alan Perry is handling the medical admin and delivering Assists. Sandra looks so professional, I am sure that she is a nurse. Later she confides that she is not. Brilliantly, I observe over the next week that 99% of the beings receiving shots are at such ease with Sandra that when she injects them they feel nothing. Occasionally there is a being who is scared out of his/ her wits at the thought of a needle piercing skin. Sandra handles them brilliantly, even if it means having someone hold their hand.

There are a few times one of the officers has a bad reaction to the shot. Sandra then pulls strings and discovers that they have been drinking plenty of water but lacking minerals and electrolytes in their diet, thus creating a bad reaction. After a bottle of water infused with Emergen-C and potassium the being brightens up! Sandra works with Dr. Kelly and Dr. Rohit Adi, two Scientology doctors who are from the area.

Everyone receives bottles of water infused with Emergen-C and potassium which I call Emergen-C elixirs. It keys the emergency rescue workers out to have just sat down for their dinner and have us approach just to communicate, just to listen, just to joke, just to smile bringing with us bottles of the Emergen-C and Potassium elixir ice cold in the sultry heat.
There are emergency rescue workers everywhere: police, sheriffs, army personnel and the National Guard in their fatigues, other military presences, volunteers, from all over the United States, in fact from all over the world. They wear their guns and when they do not think that anybody is looking they put their head in their hands and gaze into space with a faraway look that says they have seen too much.

Across from us there is a storage area stocked full of donations. In front of the storage area are ice chest coolers full of sodas and other cold beverages and also cookers and pots with the most delicious of Cajun cooking. Today there are hamburgers, gumbo and jambalaya.

Dolores runs the storage area and the food with her husband Rícardo, who works with the sheriffs office. She is a sweetheart and loves that I can speak to her fluently in Spanish. She wants me to spend the night with her and thanks me profusely for being here to help. All these beings are assisting on a help flow like never before.

A police officer named Rodney receives his shot and then lays on the assist table for a Nerve Assist. He tells me that he has seen a lot. That at times it is too much. He explains that he is stressed out. I have him lay face down and begin the Assist. After a while, he looks at me and says, "I was so stressed and now I feel fabulous!" He walks away a new man.

I approach a young man in army fatigues. He tells me that his name is Matthew. He has seen a lot, too much. His mind is spinning. He has a personal family sit that he is dealing with. I listen and ack him and then give him a Locational. He keys out, is VGIs. He gives me his email address and cell phone number and asks me to please send him data regarding Scientology. We become good friends, and he visits me a couple times before his troop pulls out to a new location.

Gene is a sheriff. He looks spun. He tells me that his leg became numb after wading through dirty water during a search and recovery mission. I give him a Locational and watch him come back to PT. Then I give him a Nerve Assist. After the Assist Gene says he can feel his leg!

There is some beautiful data from LRH regarding assists. It goes like this: "An assist is not engaging in healing. It is certainly not engaging in treatment. What it is doing is assisting the individual to heal himself...." (Assists for Illnesses and Injuries booklet; page 8.)

I deliver Nerve Assists to Brian, an officer and Paul, a recovered alcoholic and deputy sheriff. They brighten up and thank me profusely. It is dinnertime and there are emergency rescue workers eating everywhere. I have a belly full of gumbo and am so ecstatic to be here helping beings help themselves!

It is late afternoon and a van drops off Ron Fugitt. What a theta being!!! Ron is a VM to be highly commended! As soon as his feet hit the ground, he is off cleaning MEST, the ground, the chairs, the tables, throwing away the garbage. He brings amazing order to disorder. The place brightens spic and span clean! I cannot even tell you how many of the emergency rescue workers and how many of the local officers and officials approach me to let me know that Ron is an amazing person, an asset. They have nothing but high praise to heap upon him. It is awesome what one thetan can create!

After dinner, I give my fellow VMs Allen and Sandra Nerve Assists. A dentist/ medical liaison for the correction facility nearby stops by for a tetanus shot. His name is Stan. He is extremely ridgey. No smiles. He is routed to me for a Nerve Assist. I explain what an Assist is and begin the process. He is smiling, his face changes, he looks brighter, and he tells me, "I feel so relaxed.This is a truly different being than before."

I had brought from Los Angeles an Assist booklet and Solutions For A Dangerous Environment booklet so that I could show beings references that desired more data on the different Assists we offer. Stan is so intrigued with how a Nerve Assist works, so I show him the Nerve Assist reference in the Assist booklet. He looks so happy, so relaxed, and no longer ridgey. He hugs me as he is leaving and looks at me so gratefully and says to me, "I love you!" Stan keeps visiting us over the next couple of days receiving more Nerve Assists, eating with us and smiling!

Emergency rescue workers approach me continually throughout the week to let me know how grateful they are that we are here, that we are the only group that is doing something about it, that they are so thankful for the presence of the Scientology Volunteer Ministers.

Richard is one of the police that also doubles as an escort for the VMs. He approaches with his friend Toby. He tells me that he is dead dog tired.He hasn't slept for a long time. I give him a nerve assist. He looks at me with bright eyes and says, "Wow! I am relaxed!" Such brightness! It feels so rewarding to have the Tech to help these beings help themselves!

Chavez is a police technical engineer. He sits in a corner examining a new machine and the handbook that comes with it. He is intent on getting this machine down. A couple VMs have already gotten in comm with him. He approaches me later in the evening and has a million questions about Scientology. His intrigue is amazing! I get his phone number and tell him I will stay in comm. I see him throughout the week and he has nothing but smiles and a desire to know more about what we do.

It is close to 9p.m. when we depart to our berthing: the Jefferson Parish Sheriffs Station on the West Bank. I check in with Dana Houston, our New Orleans I/C, when we arrive. I am permanently assigned to the East Jefferson team, which is awesome. I do know I would love to spend one day in downtown New Orleans. Dana brings amazing calm, peace and sanity wherever she goes. The sheriffs station has a calm feel. Good 8C is being run here.

I am shown around. Down the hall from Dana's office is a room that has been set up to deliver shots, Assists and chiropractic body adjustments to the officers and public. There is one shower for men and one for women. It is suggested to take a shower at night, as the shower lines can get long in the morning. I am warned that the officers, mainly men, have been using the women's shower out of habit when the men's shower is occupied, so when we women are taking a shower it is wise to lock the door. There is a laundry room where VMs have been posted to wash and dry not only the officers laundry but the VMs laundry as well.

I am led to another building up to the 2nd floor. There are 2 berthing areas: one for men and one for women. Downstairs is a berthing area for those that may get phone calls and have sits to handle during the night. I am amazed: we have cots upon which we can lay our sleeping bags. I snuggle my things onto a cot and get in comm with my berthing buddies closest to me: Karen, Veronica and Valerie from Seattle and Nichole from L.A. I head downstairs and across into the main building and take a quick shower. 3-minute showers are the most cordial to take, as there are many beings waiting to take a shower.

There is a restaurant called "La Maison Creole" a block down from the Sheriffs station. It has closed because of the hurricane, but is open as a theta mess hall for the officers and for us. The food is delicious and the officers are happy to have comm cycles with us. We are a group that is INTERESTED, not INTERESTING.

I see Cleve and offer him an Assist. He accepts when he returns from a cycle. I give him a Nerve Assist. He feels good and looks relaxed. Our presence here as VMs is inspirational and comforting to the emergency rescue workers. They think we are god sent!


Muster is at 8a.m. Wins are shared and then we are off to East Jefferson. Ron Fugitt is now an official part of our team. We set up shots, Emergen-C elixirs, chests of ice, put up the assist tables with copies of TWTH nearby.

Jimmy works construction on the sewer lines. He is one of the guys pumping the dirty water from what looks like a river behind the chain linked fence that lies behind our VM station, but is actual nasty hurricane water that spilled over from a flooded parish nearby. I have been watching some of the guys go into the water without boots and gloves to inspect the best way to pump out the dirty water. Jimmy is one of these guys.

He tells Sandra that he is deathly afraid of needles. After the shot, he looks faint. I have him lay face down and give him a nerve assist. We continue the process until he brightens up and tells me: "I feel relaxed and better." I ask him if his seniors are providing gloves and boots, protective gear for this contaminated expedition. He says he thinks yes.I tell him wear protection. It's essential. He looks at me gratefully for caring.

Jimmy's buddy Justin is exhausted. He has a tremendous headache and has been working non-stop pumping water. After a Nerve Assist, he says, "I feel better! My headache is gone!"

Walter is a public that has refused to evacuate. The day Hurricane Katrina veered into the South East coast line, he checked up on his mother in the heart of New Orleans thinking she was OK. Then the levees broke. At that point, he could not get back into the city as it was under Marshall Law. He was hysterical not knowing where his mom was or whether she was alive or dead.

A couple reporters came by to where he lived in Metairie, and he explained what had happened to his mom. They got him access into New Orleans and to his mothers house. At that point, he and the reporters jumped into the dirty water to gain access into the house where they looked throughout every nook and cranny for his mom. He told me how he just kept diving into the dirty water just to find his mom but could not find her. He has alerts out with the American Red Cross and other agencies. His own house has no electricity and has suffered minimal wind damage.

As Walter tells me his story, he is shaking and has that far away look. I tell him that there is something that I can do to help him. He has just had his tetanus shot, so I give him a Locational. He looks calmer, brighter and tells me, I feel hopeful!I then give him a Nerve Assist. He smiles and says, "I feel so relaxed and more calm." He is so grateful for our presence and says he would love to learn more about Scientology. He gives me his contact data and asks me to keep in touch. I present him with an Assist booklet and a copy of TWTH. He leaves a brighter being.

About 200 hundred NYPD suddenly appear. They have come down to help and line up for their tetanus shots. And YES! Some say, "Thank you! We remember you from 9/11."

One of the NYPD officers, Jeffrey, gets woozy after his shot. He is routed to me for a Nerve Assist. "Ever had a nerve assist before?" I ask him. He says, "No." The Nerve Assist blows him away. He says, "I feel so relaxed!" So calm. He takes a picture of us smiling!

Sandra delivers something like 150 + shots just to the NYPD officers. Alan keeps the admin in, and Ron is awesome at keeping the MEST in order and bringing ice to keep the Emergen-C elixirs cold. I make sure every officer that wants one has an Emergen-C elixir, and if any of the local workers that are pumping water appear they are seen immediately. The NYPD leaves with the hope of helping out in the heart of New Orleans.

Paul is a public, shaking wildly. He has already dived in the water twice to rescue people that were drowning. He has witnessed mayhem. I listen and then give him a Locational. He looks at different things in the environment and when I say, "Look at that shoe," he laughs and says, "I feel more here." I then deliver to him a Nerve Assist. After the Assist he tells me, "I feel like it's all been run out of me." I present him with a copy of TWTH. When he leaves he is no longer shaking, his whole beingness exudes calmness, and he thanks us profusely.

Tammy is an emergency rescue worker who tells me that she has seen too much. After a Nerve Assist she brightens up.

Rícardo introduces me to John, a councilman for the Jefferson Parish. We get in comm regarding Hurricane Katrina. He asks what we are doing and I say, "I'll show you!" After his Nerve Assist he says, "I feel relaxed,"and he thanks me profusely for being here as a Scientology Volunteer Minister. I present to him and his friend 2 copies of TWTH as they depart on their rounds of the city.

The sun beats wildly in a bright blue sky tickled with clouds. Emergency rescue workers tell us how grateful they are that we are here. You can feel a little more calmness in the area.

In the later afternoon, 2 beings appear suffering the effects of heat exhaustion. Ted and Robert (the generator guy). Dr. Kelly cools them down with ice packs and bottles of water infused with Emergen-C and potassium. I give Robert his Nerve Assist first. He begins to brighten up, looks at me, can move his body without pain. He says, "I feel relaxed. I feel good!" He is ready to return to his post.

Robert is experiencing the worst cramps in his belly, his legs, all throughout his body. At first, it is hard for him to turn over, but then he fluidly does so. After about 12 minutes, he looks at me and says that his cramps are gone and that he feels so much better. I show him how a Nerve Assist works in the Assist booklet. He thanks me so profusely, as if the Scientology Volunteer Ministers are angels come down from heaven. Magical!

I give 2 more Nerve Assists that day: one to Bobby, a police driver and one to Mike, a sheriff. They walk away with their copies of TWTH, brightened and relaxed.

I bring two SAR (Search and Rescue) missionaries bottles of our famed Emergen-C elixir. They are part of the DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) from Houston come to volunteer in New Orleans.

They tell me that they have been traveling by boat throughout the city today. They've searched 45 to 50 houses and discovered 6 bodies, 4 alive and 2 dead. Out of those six, 2 were a couple, the husband alive, and the wife beside him dead. The dead are taken to a freezer until they can be identified. These guys have seen the worst ravages of this Hurricane! As one officer told me: He hasn't seen anything like this since serving in Vietnam!

It is around 8:30p.m. when we head back to the to the Sheriffs station via the Dojo, a karate school owned by Scientologists and now serving as a VM station. Sandra's son, Dakota, is VMing there and she needs some of her things and would love to see him.

We receive an authorized letter from the Sheriffs station in East Jefferson giving us permanent access into Jefferson Parish:


September 4, 2005

To Whom It May Concern:

Please allow the bearer of this letter access into Jefferson Parish. This person is working with us assisting the Sheriffs Office with the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

Please honor only the letters that are signed in original ink.


Newell Norman
Chief Deputy

Our drives as a group are adventurous. We no longer require an escort, and sometimes we get lost, not always though. There are police everywhere, and Sandra is becoming an expert navigator.

I notice on the way home a contingency of army military in front of a pharmacy, but nearby a bank is left unprotected. I later ask one of the officers the reason for an unprotected bank but a protected pharmacy. He tells me that with no electricity it is virtually impossible to cut through a vault in a bank where the money is kept, thus no protection is needed; but a pharmacy is a different story. Without electricity, the pharmacy is left vulnerable to people coming off psych drugs or just plain looters.

Tonight I experience one of the most precious of gifts I have ever experienced. An officer entices Sandra to his car with the promise of a beautiful song. He tells Karen and I to come along. We follow him to his squad car. A couple officers knock on his window joking and laughing about how he has 3 women in his car. He just laughs and asks us to listen as he plays:

Aaron Neville's "Louisiana 1927": "What has happened down here, is the winds have changed Clouds roll in from the north and it started to rain It rained real hard, and it rained for a real long time Six feet of water in the streets of Evangeline The river rose all day, the river rose all night Some people got lost in the flood, some people got away alright The river had busted through clear down to Plaquermine Six feet of water in the streets of Evangeline Louisiana, Louisiana They're trying to wash us away, they're trying to wash us away Oh Louisiana, Louisiana

They're trying to wash us away, they're trying to wash us away President Coolidge come down, in a railroad train With his little fat man with a note pad in his hand President say little fat man, oh isn't it a shame, What the river has done to this poor farmer's land Oh Louisiana, Louisiana

They're trying to wash us away, you're trying to wash us away Oh Louisiana, oh Louisiana

They're trying to wash us away, oh Lord, they're trying to wash us away They're trying to wash us away, they're trying to wash us away."

What a touching song! We are crying not from sadness but from beauty. Moments here, sweaty, dirty, ecstatic, beautiful, tired, uplifted, in ethics, in comm, I would never trade for anything in the universe. Helping another being help himself is the true brilliance of theta!


I have somehow scratched the inside corner of my left eye while taking a shower last night. I have received a couple of Assists and am now bound for Baton Rouge with a VM driver appropriately named Mama to get my eye checked out and then back to New Orleans.

Rondi is the Reg of the mission and is also a nurse and the wife of Dr. Adi. She is so theta! After washing out my eye and looking under the lid, she is convinced I have a scratch. She prescribes for me antibiotic eye drops.

Kathy Bates, the MLO, drives me part way to the pharmacy. I decide to stop in Albertsons to use their phone to check in with Dana and update her on my sit.
I locate the pay phone and pull out my phone card, but wildly when I try to dial Danas number the #9 on the phone is not working. How wild!!!!

Just then I hear a woman calling, "Hey honey! Is that phone not working?"I turn around and this woman is motioning me to her car. Her name is Terry and she is so happy to help me. She offers me her cell phone and a seat in her air-conditioned car.

"Terry, are you a Volunteer Minister?" I ask her.

She says, "No."

"Are you a Scientologist?"

Again she says, "No." She tells me that she is so grateful that we are here helping, and that while there may be a minority of people not taking a liking to us, she says that the majority love having us here.

I call Dana, check in, and thank Terry for her cordiality. She says she is so grateful that we have come from all over to help with Hurricane Katrina. I present her with a copy of TWTH, and she drives off beaming with smiles!

That afternoon, I help clean MEST with another group of VMs. Kirstie Alley arrives in the later afternoon bearing with her donations of backpacks for those that have been displaced by Hurricane Katrina. We run three lines running the boxes from the vans into a pile behind us. Kirstie Alley joins in the game and soon she is catching boxes herself and passing them to the next person in the line. We are tired and sweaty and laughing!

That night I give Dimitri, a fellow VM, a Nerve Assist and a Body Comm. After the Assists he lends me his eyebright drops and an eyewash cup. The eyebright and antibiotic drops and Assists are instrumental in helping me heal my eye.


Using TONE 40 I hop a ride with a team from the Boston Org back to New Orleans.

I am so ecstatic to be back home at the Sheriff Station. I hug Dana so hard, and then I help 2 officers and a few other VMs clean the water damaged 5th floor of the building where the roof has suffered some damage. Sheriff Harry Lee loves ducks as evidenced by the hundreds of duck sculptures he has all throughout the 5th floor. We wrap the ducks in cellophane bubbles and place them in boxes. When the officers take a break, we are sent to downtown New Orleans to help the VM team already down there.

There is trash littering the streets. The army and National Guard are everywhere.
I give 3 Nerve Assists to Josh from Oklahoma City, Nichole from Ohio and 7 feet tall Josh from Miami. Josh from Miami tells me that he is overwhelmed, tired, that he has seen too much. The Nerve Assist only lasts about 2 minutes, when he says, "This feels so good! I am definitely relaxed!"

Its funny because quite a few of the guys, whether here or in East Jefferson, initially balk at the idea of taking off their shoes and their guns. Guns are easy to handle, because they can place them under the table or give them to a buddy to hold. Their shoes are another matter. They think their feet are too stinky. Well, sometimes they are, but so what! I always tell them about the homeless woman I did a Nerve Assist on in L.A. who had the blackest and stinkiest feet ever! This makes them laugh, and they take off their shoes!

One of the VMs, Alexis, is wearing something like 50 Mardi Gras beaded necklaces all over her body. She is so colorful and bright! It cheers up the guys!!!
At dinner at La Maison Creole I sit with Karen and a couple of the officers. Just by listening you can bring a being so uptone! A couple of the officers tell me, "We don't know what we would do without you guys!"

There is a very special new Scientologist who deserves an honorable mention: Tim Choy, CERT trained, from Canada. Tim has been instrumental in opening and safepointing new areas. Tonight we have a long comm cycle, and I ask him, "Hey, Tim, how long have you been in Scientology?"He laughs and says, "Since Saturday!" He is so impressed by the Scientology Disaster Response Team, that he has become a Scientologist! Tomorrow, he receives his first Book 1 Session! AWESOME!


We arrive earlier than usual at East Jefferson. Alan has just left back to Los Angeles. Our group now consists of Chris, Herman, Sandra, Karen, Ron, 2 non-Scn nurses (Terese and Maureen) and myself.
Many beings are coming to us because not only do we still offer tetanus and diphtheria shots and of course Assists, but as of today we also offer Hep A and Hep B shots. Most beings are routed to Karen and I after their shots for Assists. The lines are flowing brilliantly!

One of the officers, Stacey, tells me that she has 3 and a half to 4 inches of water in her house. With the long hours she is putting in at work and with no electricity in her house, the hours left for cleaning are minimal. I give her a Nerve Assist and after she looks at me so gratefully and says, That felt so good!

There is one of the most theta of beings here in East Jefferson, Mitch. He runs the repairs on the motorcycles and the cars, always has a smile, praises us often and especially Ron, and tells us and the guys that he loves us dearly as he hugs us all brilliantly! To him hugs bring the guys uptone! This is one special being! He is so ecstatic to have the Scientology Volunteer Ministers in their bright yellow shirts helping bring peace, sanity and calmness to the area. I cannot even tell you how many officers and emergency rescue workers approach us saying, "You are the only group doing something about this...Thank you so much for being here... We would not make it without you... I see your yellow shirts everywhere! Thank you!"

I give Mitch a Nerve Assist, and after he tells me how relaxed he feels. We comm for close to 20 minutes and then he gives me a hug!!!!!!

Richie is an officer for the parish. After his Nerve Assist he brightens up and tells me that he feels so relaxed!

Herman routes to me a dispatch reporter from the St. Louis Post, Jim. He explains that because of the way he has been sleeping and what he has been sleeping on his hip is sore. He says that he has seen us throughout the city. I give him a Nerve Assist and he just brightens up. After the assist he says, "I feel so relaxed! This really works!" "And how is your hip?" I ask him. He laughs and tells me that he doesn't feel it (the pain). I present to him an Assist booklet and a copy of TWTH, and then introduce him to Sharon Runyon.
Gretchen is in the army and also from St. Louis. She is tired and after the Nerve Assist she says,"I feel relaxed and more energized!"

Jack is an official and also, he tells me, a 7th degree black belt in Minami Ryu Jujitsu. The Nerve Assist immensely impresses him because he can feel how he is releasing the standing waves that are in his body. He is intrigued to know how this is related to jujitsu. I give him a copy of the Assist Booklet and copy of TWTH and we comm for a couple of minutes. He gives me his email address so that we can stay in touch.

Nearby is a big blue MCI truck where anyone can make calls to anywhere in the world 24/7 for free. It is quite ingenious. 2 of the guys from the MCI truck visit us at different times throughout the day: MarkB. and Marc L. They are both grateful for their Nerve Assists.

Marc L. is passionate about protecting the environment. I tell him about The Earth Organization. He listens with avid interest, and I promise him that when I return to L.A. I will send him their data. He leaves ecstatic and comes to visit us again the following day.

Three Jefferson detectives, all in the same department, visit us for shots and Nerve Assists: David, Frank and John. All 3 are upstat, ethical, overworked and overtired guys that have seen the darkest of violences that only a disaster can create. The Nerve Assists bring such calmness to their beingnesses. David especially is much moved by what we as Scientology Volunteer Ministers offer. He shares with me some of the horrors he has witnessed throughout the last week.

After the Nerve Assist, I ask him if he has ever heard of Dianetics. He smiles and tells me that he had read it a couple of times 8 years ago. He also read The Fundamentals of Thought. He then looks at me with such intensity and says that he has been intrigued with Scientology and Dianetics since he first opened Dianetics, but that he didn't think that there was any center or church around here. When I tell him about the Mission in Baton Rouge, he smiles ecstatically and gives me his contact data and asks me stay in touch. He would love to receive a Book 1 session and check out the Mission! I feel so tingly after he leaves, knowing that I have helped a being so intimately with LRH.

Christine and Mary are nurses from a nearby hospital. They are both inundated from what they have seen in the hospitals and Mary's house is flooded. Chris gives Mary a Locational and then I give her a Nerve Assist, while Karen gives Christine a Nerve Assist. They feel so refreshed and inspired after their Assists that they originate that they will be giving their patients Assists when they return to work on Tuesday. "This will so help our patients," they tell us. We give them Assist booklets and 36 copies of TWTH to pass out to their friends and patients. They depart smiling, letting us know that we are sent from above, and thank us for giving them the tools to help their patients.

Karen and I give Nerve Assists to Marcus and Michael, brothers in the police force. They leave brighter and relieved of their stress.

We are about to depart back to our berthing when I get in an intense comm cycle with Frank, a volunteer from the Midwest. I think he is police as he is wearing a police shirt or part of the army as he is wearing army pants. But, no, neither one of these. He is a volunteer that ran out of clean clothes and so is wearing police and army fatigues. Quite a few of the guys have switched into other peoples uniforms for no other reason than these are clean clothes, e.g. the Jefferson Parish officer who was wearing a NYPD shirt. It's comical!

I am so ecstatic having the TECH to help these beings help themselves, and they are so grateful to have the angels in the yellow shirts bringing theta and flitter among them. I feel like I have been here 20 years! I am on purpose and I am home!


I awake a little saddened knowing this is my last day at East Jefferson. Tonight I will drive back with Kelly, Teresa and Jason to Lafayette to pick up Alex, Jared and Tim for our return trip back to L.A tomorrow. Christine, Charles, Darcy and Danielle have all headed back home already. I hear that Christine and Charles drove 11 displaced persons from Lafayette/ Baton Rouge area to a home waiting for them in Houston.

Kelly, Teresa and Jason have been on mission in one of the worst hit areas, Saint Bernard Parish. Their wins are magical and inspiring! My team is most theta! East Jefferson exudes a brilliant wave of calmness and peace. The space is more expansive and inviting! The beings here now know there are solutions!
Yesterday, Karen and I got in comm. with 2 officers: Brett and Carter. Chris is in comm with Carter this morning TRing him into a Book 1 session. Carter has pulled a neck muscle moving MEST yesterday, and he has seen the devastation in the eyes of the dead and those he has rescued. I let Carter know that first I will deliver to him a Nerve Assist and then after a Touch Assist. He is all for it, as his neck is in extreme pain. At first, he can hardly turn over, but then he begins to brighten up and turn over with fluidity and ease. He is amazed because the pain which was stretching from his neck to his shoulder is now gone from his shoulder and most of his neck. He looks relieved. I then give him a Touch Assist and the pain is completely gone and he is smiling.

I discover that Carter used to be an NFLer, and I tell him about Bob Adams at ABLE who used to be active in the NFL himself. When Carter learns that Bob helps gets kids off drugs, he is impressed and I tell him that I will hook them up. He gives me a hug as he goes back on post. I am so proud to be a Scientologist!

Richard is from New Hampshire, in the army for a long time. I give him a Nerve Assist, and after he tells me how relaxed he feels.

A woman named Faye enters our tent. She is speaking with Karen and is hysterical. Shes lost her dad who was in a nursing home, has a 7 and a half month pregnant daughter-in-law in the house, there is no food, no water, no clean tap water, she needs gas for her car and none of the numbers for FEMA and The Red Cross are going through. Both Sandra and I approach her, and we tell her something can be done about it.I give her an Emergen-C elixir and lead her to the back, where the sheriffs department has a trailer, and before we enter I ask her, "What exactly do you need?" She tells me, "Food, water and ice." "OK. And what else?" "I need gas for my car and I need to find my dad." With her needs and wants clear, I lead her into the trailer where one of the officers leads us to another officer. I explain to the officer Faye's needs and wants. The officer knows what has happened to this nursing home: the beings inside have been relocated to Houston. She gives Faye her number and tells her she will check up on her dad. She then directs Faye to 2 different locations where she will find free gas, water, food, ice. By this time, Faye is quite a bit calmer. I 8C her to get the gas, the food, the ice and the water, and then to return to us.

A little while later she returns. She has food, water and ice, but cannot find the gas. I 8C her back to the trailer and tell her to ask for a map and then come back to us. She returns soon after with gas and tells me, "I've accomplished something today. I got the things I needed and the officer asked me to call her back in 45 minutes for news with my dad."

PRODUCTION IS THE BASIS OF MORALE!!!!!!!! I give Faye a Locational, and she is so much calmer. When I say, "Look at that sky," she smiles and cognites, "There still is beauty here."I end the Locational and bring her back in the Tent. We sit on an assist table, and I show her how to do a Locational in the Assist booklet.

She tells me that her son was sleeping with a gun because he is in such fear, and cognites that a Locational would be perfect for him. I present her with an Assist booklet, a Solutions for a Dangerous Environment booklet, and 10 copies of TWTH. She has a neighbor that she is taking care of and is going to give him a TWTH. She looks at me with such gratefulness and says, "Thank you so much for helping me and for your education. Thank you so much for coming down here and thank you so much again for your education."

I point to our sign: SOMETHING CAN BE DONE ABOUT IT.She smiles, gives me a hug, and I tell her I will keep in touch.

We are creating such brilliancies on the 3rd, 4th and 7th Dynamics!!!!! We are touching beings like never before with the theta of LRH!!!! It is the most theta feeling in the universe to be assisting beings here!

Brian is an officer who has 2 more years on the force to go before retirement. He is cute with a big Buddha belly and a sweet smile. He eats up the Nerve Assist, his beingness getting calmer and more relaxed as the process continues. He tells me after the Assist, I feel so relaxed. So much better.We comm for a while, and then I let him sleep on the assist table while I eat.

A little later he wakes up, and I ask him if he has ever heard of Dianetics. He says that he has, but does not know much about it. After I explain a little of Dianetics to him, he becomes really intrigued. I call over Sandra, and they make an appointment for a Book 1 session tomorrow. Brian is a sweetheart! When he leaves I give him an Assist booklet and a copy of TWTH.

Tracey works for FEMA and is a character. She hates receiving shots in her arm, so Maureen gives her one in her tushie! I give her a Nerve Assist, and after she looks at me and says, This is really working! I feel so relaxed!We exchange numbers as she is heading to L.A. in a couple of months, and I give her an Assist booklet and copy of TWTH.

It is almost the end of the day and Sandra asks me to show Maureen, one of the non-Scn nurses, how to do a Nerve Assist. I ask her if she know anything about Scientology, and she tells me that her husband knows who L. Ron Hubbard is because he loves learning about different religions.

Herman and Karen are our guinea pigs during this adventure! Using the Nerve Assist reference in the Assist Booklet, I show Maureen step by step how to deliver a Nerve Assist. She practices first on Herman and then on Karen, and with Karen she does not even need the book. She is brilliantly wonderful at giving Assists. She will be heading back to the hospital where she works soon, and she cognites, This is so needed for my patients. It will make them calmer!

I show her the other Assist processes in the Assist booklet and the processes in Solutions For A Dangerous Environment. She is awestruck that there are solutions such as these! Tomorrow Sandra will show her how to do some of the other Assists and Processes.

We are all so VGIs!!!!! Maureen is definitely VGIs. We tell her how proud we are of her! We exchange contact data, and I give her an Assist booklet, a Solution For A Dangerous Environment booklet and a copy of TWTH.

What a magical way to end the day!!!!!!!

We drive out to the Dojo, a Scientology owned karate school, where Sandra comms with her son Dakota and I meet with my L.A. group. It is wild saying good~bye to my team. Sandra, Karen, Alan, Chris, Herman and Ron you will always be in my heart! We have brought sanity, peace and calmness to East Jefferson!

I have never experienced anything like this before on any of my dynamics!

Do you want to experience intimacy with LRH as never before? THEN GO TO LOUISIANA, MISSISSIPPI, AND ALABAMA as a VM. It is an experience of theta inspiration to compare with no other!
Thank you Aenetta, Sheryl, Brett, Cleve, Becket, Jesse, Dana and all the other SO, staff and public that invited us and supported us on this most theta journey!

Thank you my FSM, Dick Sullivan and my 2D, Bud Hayes, and thank you my fellow VMs. YOU ARE ALL DEEPLY COMMENDED!!!!

And a most brilliant of thanks to my most beloved and endearing of friends, LRH. Sir, you are deeply loved!!!!!

Theta theta and ML,

Leah Friedman

22 Sep 2005

Purging the Poor

Naomi Klein

Research assistance provided by Aaron Mat.


Outside the 2,000-bed temporary shelter in Baton Rouge's River Center, a Church of Scientology band is performing a version of Bill Withers's classic "Use Me"--a refreshingly honest choice. "If it feels this good getting used," the Scientology singer belts out, "just keep on using me until you use me up."

Ten-year-old Nyler, lying face down on a massage table, has pretty much the same attitude. She is not quite sure why the nice lady in the yellow SCIENTOLOGY VOLUNTEER MINISTER T-shirt wants to rub her back, but "it feels so good," she tells me, so who really cares? I ask Nyler if this is her first massage. "Assist!" hisses the volunteer minister, correcting my Scientology lingo. Nyler shakes her head no; since fleeing New Orleans after a tree fell on her house, she has visited this tent many times, becoming something of an assist-aholic. "I have nerves," she explains in a blissed-out massage voice. "I have what you call nervousness."

Post subject: Forward of Scientologist to Scientologist emails on Hur.RITA

VM I/C International Office Call-to-Arms, HURRICANE RITA

21 Sep 2005


Hurricane Rita is expected to hit Texas somewhere between Corpus Christi and Galveston by Saturday morning. Over 3 million people are currently being evacuated from this area, which is more than 3 times the population of New Orleans. This hurricane is now rated Category 5 with winds greater than 155 miles per hour. The hurricane that hit New Orleans was Category 4.

The VM I/C Int Office has issued a Call-to-Arms for all West US VM's to activate for this disaster.

All VMs from ASHO, AOLA, LA Org, Pasadena, CC Int and Valley Org as well as all missions and Field groups from this area are being asked to report to the Los Angeles Org parking lot at 8 a.m. Saturday, ready to travel to Texas. Please bring your vehicle and the following items: 1. Sleeping bag and pillow
2. Vitamins
3. Cell phone and charger
4. Change of clothes

If you don't have a vehicle, transportation to Texas will be arranged when you arrive. At the moment the staging area for the VMs coming in from around the country is at the Austin Texas Org.

For more information contact the VM I/C West US, Aenetta,


22 Sep 2005

Calling for postulates

Dear Theta Beings,

I am asking that everyone postulate that this latest Hurricane Rita (headed straight for Texas) weaken before it can cause extensive damage. Whatever you can do, please do it now.

We are preparing for the worst....nevertheless let's put our thetan hats fully on to avert it.



24 Sep 2005

The Scientology Volunteer Minister Relief Team has sent about 700 Volunteer Ministers (VM's) to Louisiana and Mississippi.

Another 2,000 are needed.


If you are interested in helping the Disaster Relief Team, please call: 1-800-HELP-4YU. Help is needed in shelters in the affected areas. Transportation may be arranged for you, and your housing will be provided as well. (It may be nothing more fancy than a cot in a shelter, or an air mattress in someone's living room.)

Here are some stories that have come out of the affected areas:

On Saturday Marie and her team completed the what no other shelter group in the entire State of Louisiana had done. They were given 24/7 responsibility for over 350 evacuees and made comfortable in their shelters, handled their basic needs, gave them assists (thereby bringing relief from the trauma and upset of their ordeal), helped them to confront and deal with their new situations, brought one woman who flat-lined back to life with proper assists, and then assisted all 350 to find homes and relocate out of the shelters!

(To read about assists, visit:

Marie and her team has earned my endearing admiration. She and her team have earned commendations from many community and governmental groups (3 examples are attached). They have been acknowledged by FEMA, Homeland Security, the Sheriff's Department, the City Police, the Mayor, townspeople, and others. Their accomplishments have been chronicled in the press and on TV. Look at this:

The Mayor of the City of Lafayette has announced that the City is proclaiming the month of October as Scientology Month in acknowledgement of the valuable contributions and work that the Scientology Volunteer Ministers have done for the City of Lafayette and the Parish!

Here's one example of how determined Marie and her team are to get out their products:

we had one last family to find a home for. two VM's literally walked the streets looking for a home for this lady and her family. we were totally determined to get this done and achieve our product here in Vermilion parish. as they walked down numerous streets they noticed one house that was all dark inside. they went door to door to find the owner and found her across the street. a 91 year old lady who is legally blind. they explained what was needed and wanted. negotiated the lease. gave her the deposit and got the resident over to the house to see it. then the problem became. no electricity. it's now 6:30 PM Saturday night. I immediately got onto the phone to find the mayor to handle this. he wasn't available. but in my trusty little phone list I had the cell phone for the mayor's secretary. got her on the phone and told her what I needed for the electricity. only took her 1 hour to handle and she got the utility company out to hook up the electricity. whew!... but then. no water!.... called her back and it's now 8 PM Saturday night.. Now I'm really asking a lot. within 30 minutes.. BAM! Water is on!...Now all I have to figure out is where to get trucks to move the family in. another 30 minutes. BAM! (starting to sound like Chef Emeril Legasses aren't I? oh.. you may not know him. a famous New Orleans chef who always says. "BAM!").. Now I have trucks moving her in. don't know any other town in the US that could have pulled that off for us. the lady at the utility company was so sweet. she told me she got it done fast so I could go get some sleep tonight!
(only in South Louisiana!)

We are now officially done with the shelters. every single person. with jobs and a new home or back with their family members.

Well, at that point Marie thought she was done until Homeland Security called to ask the Scientology Volunteer Ministers to take over another shelter where the evacuees were not being properly taken care of and staged a"revolt". Of course she did this and immediately calmed them down and reestablished a productive and peaceful environment. Now she has a bit more work to do

The police are helping by looking for vacant homes all over the parish and contacting Marie's team so that the owners can be contacted. No stone unturned! Also she's teaming a mobile home sale company with some vacant land - more homes for evacuees!

If you have thought that you'd like to help, but don't know how, please know that your help is needed and wanted!

You can email me privately, or call the VM hotline: 1-800-HELP-4YU


Rita blows by

Residents try to save what's left



[short mention in article]

"If 1,000 people come here, we will take care of 1,000 people," said Angie DeRouchie, spokeswoman for Churches of Scientology Disaster Response in Bay St. Louis. "They are going to have to go somewhere."

The Daily Advertiser

23 Sep 2005

As Vermilion evacuates, 1957 hurricane not far from minds

Claire Taylor

[short mention in article]

Twenty-three people were evacuated from the shelter, which is supposed to reopen Sunday, said Marie Pace of Lafayette, director of Churches of Scientology Disaster Response.

"Gosh knows what we'll see here on Sunday because of what happens below us," she said.

Date: 24 Sep 2005

From: Alice Pero

Subject: URGENT



This morning at approximately 10am local time, Hurricane Rita hit the Louisiana coastline near Port Arthur, Texas (60 miles east of Houston) with 125 mph winds and very severe rains causing severe flooding throughout the region.

The impact is on a path of approximately 275 miles from Houston to New Orleans. While the full force of Rita hit 200 miles west of New Orleans, high tides and rain reached into the city and there is new flooding with up to 8 feet of water reported in some areas.

There are also reports from officials in the region that high winds caused by Rita toppled trees, destroyed buildings and fanned fires. One official in Port Author stated that many buildings - their roofs are gone.

Last night in Baton Rouge our VMs were deployed to shelters there at the request of the Red Cross, as hundreds of people were arriving having evacuated their homes. However, rain is very heavy and lakes and rivers are at capacity. Flooding is expected.

In Lafayette, our VMs reported in the area that electricity is out, with about 2 million people in Louisiana and Texas affected. There is serious flooding south west of the area, with teams of National Guard and Rescue personnel going in with boats to find people.


[details snipped]

B. Donate to the VM Disaster Response.

1. Call 800-435-xxxx or go to and donate online.

2. Get your family and friends to support the VMs... have them go to They can get updated on what the VMs are doing and donate online right there. This money goes DIRECTLY to supporting our VM Disaster Response in Louisiana.


The Lafayette Daily Advertiser

27 Sep 2005

Neighbors serve each other at Maurice shelter

Jessie Halladay

The Daily Advertiser/ Gannett News Service


Since the day Hurricane Katrina hit, volunteers staffing shelters in Vermilion Parish have worked tirelessly, but what they are doing didn't hit home until Rita struck.

"This group of evacuees are part of our family," said Marie Pace, who is leading a Scientology Disaster Response Team that is staffing a shelter in Maurice Elementary School.

"It's people we know. It makes it more personal," she said.

About 120 people filled the gymnasium of the elementary school, mostly evacuees from hard-hit areas of Vermilion Parish.

The Scientology group ran two shelters in Abbeville until the call came to evacuate people as Rita approached the Gulf Coast. There still were 23 people that had to be relocated quickly.

That's when they opened the Maurice Elementary location, now housing neighbors rather than people coming from New Orleans.

Date: 26 Sep 2005

From: "youngvolunteer"

Subject: Message from Nick James, VM in Baton Rouge

We are in dire need of both VM's and Money.

The VM's must be ethical, but they can be non-Scientologists. We will put them through the VM "Assist for Illness and Injury" Booklet Course and the "Solutions for a Dangerous Environment" Course. Money. Simple as that. We need donations to continue to do what we are doing.

If you (or someone you know) are interested in coming or donating

please contact:

Stephanie Fielding
Church of Scientology Mission of Baton Rouge

Date: 22 Sep 2005

From: "Jane"

Subject: Nick, in Baton Rouge, could use a little help!

Our son, Nick, has been in Baton Rouge for several weeks now. We are expecting our 7th baby in a few weeks, and our finances are really stretched to the gills at the moment.

Nick needs a couple of things, and I am hoping we can rustle up some donations for him! He doesn't need much, but it's more than we can squeeze out of what we've got at the moment.

Nick is very upstat, and he's been working hard. He was giving assists at a shelter for the first two weeks, and training evacuees to give assists to others. He's been doing surveys in Baton Rouge and helping at the mission, and will be there, ready and willing to help, as soon as Hurricane Rita is gone.

During the hurricane, he will be staying with friends, but should cover the costs of his own food while there. If they end up needing to evacuate, this may be a bit expensive.

Here is what he needs:

$75 for the return flight fee. His tickets were donated, but he needs to arrive at the airport with an additional "unaccompanied minor" fee, as that is the airline's policy for teens his age. (He's planning to come home October 6th, but might be able to stay a few days longer - he wants to stay as long as possible, but does NOT want to miss the birth of his baby brother or sister, so definitely will be coming home in October!)

$50 for food during this next hurricane.

$60 for spending money for the next 2 weeks.

He doesn't need much, but sometimes he needs a little cash to eat while he's out doing surveys or something, and he also has some film he'd like to develop. (When those are developed, I'll be sure to share them here!)

So, the total is just $185, but we just don't have it! We've just got these extra baby-related expenses right now...

Nick can receive money sent via PayPal onto a credit card that he took with him. So it can be done really quickly and easily. If you can help with any portion of this, it would really help!

You can see updates from Nick on his website:
and on his blog:

He's a very hard worker, and is always willing to help out. This year he spent weeks volunteering at LRH's house in D.C., he's personally sworn in over 1,000 Drug-Free Marshals, he and just a few other kids raised over $3,000 for various things, including $1,000 to send VM's to India after an earthquake. He and Sadie (his sister) also raised another $1,000 for the Drug-Free Marshals in Los Angeles.

He is always willing to help just for the sake of helping, and he doesn't ask for exchange normally, he just needs a few things that we weren't ready to have to provide for him right now.

If you can help, it would be greatly appreciated!

Let us know if you can help.


[Although there is a Church of Scientology Mission in Baton Rouge the local newspaper has never mentioned Scientology on its website until the following article]

Scientologist teams assist in storm relief

Acadiana bureau
29 sept 2005

LAKE CHARLES -- Mixed in with the Red Crosses and various military units giving help in coastal Louisiana now, one might also see the bright yellow shirts of the Church of Scientology.

On Wednesday, a crew of four Scientologists was doing its bit in Lake Charles, offering direct hands-on help to local officials by helping clear and organize government buildings in the city still recovering from the onslaught of Hurricane Rita last week.

T.J. Hensley was supervising the crew, which he said was part of an overall count of about 300 Scientologist volunteer ministers pitching in across the coast of the Gulf of Mexico in the wake of hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

Another volunteer minister, Chris Parodi, said the four-person team had come over from helping the Katrina cleanup about two days ago, offering their services wherever and however needed.

Hensley said the contingent of Scientologists who have come down to the area are also offering aid specialized to their discipline to help people deal with the trauma of what they've experienced in the wake of the devastating storms.

That's taking the form of what the Church of Scientology refers to as "assists," which look to people not familiar with the process like a light massage.

Hensley said the ministers are using the assists to help hurricane victims and emergency workers recover from the mental and spiritual strain they are dealing with.

The "assists" are meant to help cleanse some of the pain and stress from the people they are provided to, Hensley said.

The ministers have also recruited volunteers to help out with the "assists," for which the Scientologists have detailed, step-specific procedures, he said.

Parodi said that at least half the team working with the ministers is made up of volunteers from outside the Church of Scientology.

Before volunteers can perform such "assists," they are drilled on the proper way to carry them out, Hensley said.

He pointed out that the ministers are not trying to convert others to Scientology, but simply trying to help get people through trying times.

Hensley said a basic tenet of Scientology is that people are free to choose their faith, and that applies to this situation, as well.

He said some people have drawn back from aid offered by Scientologists, but that's not a problem.

"We always have an open door," Hensley said.

FEMA Plans to Reimburse Faith Groups for Aid

As Civil Libertarians Object, Religious Organizations Weigh Whether to Apply

By Alan Cooperman and Elizabeth Williamson
Washington Post Staff Writers
27 Sep 2005; Page A01


After weeks of prodding by Republican lawmakers and the American Red Cross, the Federal Emergency Management Agency said yesterday that it will use taxpayer money to reimburse churches and other religious organizations that have opened their doors to provide shelter, food and supplies to survivors of hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

FEMA officials said it would mark the first time that the government has made large-scale payments to religious groups for helping to cope with a domestic natural disaster.

From: Alice Pero

28 sep 2005

Subject: Top VMs Chris & Tim need your help NOW!

We need to help VM tech delivery I/C in New Orleans and her incredible VM team ­ NOW - to be able to stay longer and help!

They've already done 10 times more than most of us, and given up ten times more than most of us to be there all this time. We can afford to cringe a little more and reach into those pockets!

One of the team's VMs, Tim Choy, a member of a Federal Search and Rescue team, so thoroughly safe-pointed the law enforcement guys there that even when there was a lock-out on entry, they were given accomos for 50 VMs to stay with the police, a police car and escort, their own car and gas when NOBODY was allowed gas and access to off-limit areas. Because of Tim's incredible work, they may now be putting a new Mission in the West Bank.

Christine allied the popular and beloved OL, Sheriff Lee of New Orleans, with Scientology to the point he cognited that we were not just dedicated to our church but to mankind. She's currently coordinating ABLE Int to meet with the Sheriff so we can get a Narconon and Criminon program in his County.

With the help of Sandra Lucas Christine safe pointed the psych who's over the entire Sheriff's department. She had him sign a letter to the Sheriff stating that it would be beneficial for the deputies to use Dianetics to help recover from the hurricane. That is 1752 employees he is in charge of mental health for. He also took a picture holding DMSMH and has verbally given Christine approval to publish it.

Not only that, when they go back, aligning with Earth Organization, they have plans to arm themselves with an amazing solution to the horrendous toxic environmental situation down there. More on that later.

Christine needs at least $1000.00 to get on her plane to go back Monday morning and Tim called me personally from New Orleans, saying he needs $2,000 to stay another month. Officials who need them are requesting their help. Don't let them down! If ten of you give $300.00 they're covered. If 30 of you give $100.00 they're covered. If 300 of you give $10.00 each they're covered. Get the idea? Do what you can, but please, let's support them!!

Columbia Spectator (Columbia University, NY)

Neighborhood Churches Send Their Love, Aid Down South

Parishioners Hold Bake-Offs to Raise Cash, Gather Supplies for New Orleans

By Lauren Melnick
Spectator Staff Writer
04 Oct 2005

Over the last few weeks, Columbia has started several initiatives to raise relief funds for those affected by Hurricane Katrina.

But the University isnt the only group who has taken action. Morningside and Harlem churches have been at the forefront of the relief effort, doing everything from fund-raising, hosting bake-offs, and compiling health kits, to sending volunteers to the affected areas.

Since the disaster, the Church of Scientology of Harlem has been working with their main branch on 46th Street to transport supplies to southern areas that need them. Using a moving company, they have transported clothing, baby clothes, diapers, and toiletries donated by parishioners to regions in the Gulf.

Weve gotten word not to send additional clothesthey have enough, said Rev. Willie Frink Jr., pastor and executive director of the church. However, toiletries are still needed and they want us to send cash donations. The need changes on an hourly basis.

In addition to donations, 500 volunteer ministers have been deployed nationwide and are working in different shelters in the Gulf region. Many of the volunteers trained to deal with crisis situations were also involved with volunteer efforts on September 11, 2001. Their responsibilities include distributing food, water, and supplies, as well as administering vaccines.

Im quite encouraged by the outpour of concern, said Frink of his congregations willingness to make donations and participate. I believe that everyone wants to always do something, and to give people that opportunity is a good thing.

[coverage of relief efforts by other groups snipped]

FROM: Churches of Scientology Disaster Response - Los Angeles

SPECIAL LOS ANGELES SHOWING: "We Helped" - The first VM documentary film to come out of New Orleans

Where: AOLA Atrium, Sunday, October 2nd at 6:00 p.m.

Watch the FIRST DOCUMENTARY FILM to come out of New Orleans. Hear about the courageous VM's who are hard at work lifting the tone level of the community, and giving hope to families torn apart.

From film maker Mandy Wildman:
"...I just got back from the New Orleans area. I am a film maker, and went with fellow film maker Tony Rockliff. We left our lives and families last week to got to New Orleans and document the aftermath of hurricane Katrina and the activities of the first wave of Scientology Volunteer Ministers to arrive in the area. We had no time to think, plan or prepare. We just packed up a production truck and hit the road, not knowing what we may find when we reached our destination. As film makers and Scientologists, we had a mission.

What we saw was nothing short of overwhelming. You have heard about it from others, and seen it on the news. We shot footage of VM's doing their work. We interviewed victims before and after getting assists. We interviewed VM's and heard their stories. We went into New Orleans and interviewed police officers who were getting desperately needed assists by 'the people in the yellow shirts'. We even taped a hard-working police dog getting a nerve assist and really enjoying it."

You'll also hear wins and stories from Los Angeles-area VMs who have recently returned from Baton Rouge.

Dawn Chaban, Area Coordinator
Churches of Scientology Disaster Response
Los Angeles County

Date: 02 Oct 2005

From: "A. Pero"
Subject: Letter from a VM on the ground

Hi Everyone,

My name is Greg Pecka. I am a Volunteer Minister from Los Angeles and I have been in Baton Rogue, Louisiana helping with the various tasks that need to be done as a result of Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita. I have been here for 4 weeks now.

The Volunteer Ministers are doing such things as Assists, Book One, handing out various booklets, helping getting schools back up and running, helping at Relief and Shelter Centers and much much more.

We are definitely safe pointing Scientology down here because of our help. We are looked upon very highly from the various groups that are participating in this huge effort to rebuild Louisiana and Mississippi. The Red Cross, Army, Police and Nation Guard are just a few of the groups that appreciate our help. You may not be hearing much from the news lately, but there is definitely a lot more help needed down here in Louisiana and Mississippi.

We have only just started. The cost per day just to keep the Volunteer Ministers here and able to HELP is extremely high. This now leads me to the point of this letter.


If you are unable to come to Louisiana and help then you need to send money. If you are unable to send money then you need to come down here. No Scientologist is exempt of this huge responsibility. Send any amount. Every donation is deeply appreciated and needed. We do not need any clothes or supplies at all. We have plenty. Thank you very much for your help.


Greg Pecka

Scientology woos displaced hurricane victims

15 Sep 2005

BATON ROUGE, United States (AFP) - A dreamy-looking girl in a yellow tee-shirt reading "Scientology volunteer minister" approaches weary Hurricane Katrina survivors to ask: "Would you like a massage?" as the church scouts recruits.

Outside the River Center, the conference center in the state capital of Baton Rouge now a makeshift Red Cross shelter for some 2,000 people displaced by the monster storm, the church has set up a tent for "treatment of traumas" with the slogan overhead: "Something can be done about it."

Inside, despite the sign, there is no psychiatrist or medication; Scientology refutes modern psychiatry.

Instead there are massage tables, drinks, brochures touting "the way to happiness" and booklets with moral lessons for youths.

In stifling heat, a handful of refugees who have been here for days agree to a massage without learning too much of what is was about.

The massage, known as a "nerve assist" in Scientology terms, actually involves lightly touching different parts of the body with the tips of the fingers used as a "spiritual healing" technique that is supposed to "restore communication between the thetan (spirit) and the body."

"I'm feeling relaxed," one of them said of the exercise, sounding not entirely convinced.

He leaves with a brochure, "The Way to Happiness," inspired by the literature and spiritual writings of L. Ron Hubbard, an American science fiction writer who in 1950 founded a personal development doctrine dubbed Dianetics.

The booklet takes pains to underscore that it is not a religious work but rather a moral code inspired by Hubbard. In fact, it is a simple guide to Scientology's belief system.

The organization also delivers guidance to the displaced and distressed.

Judy Fagerman, volunteer program coordinator, defends the church's outreach.

"We are not proselytizing, we're just here just to help. People appreciate the help, especially when they feel it's sincere," she said. "We help with food lines, transporting people, cleaning.

"We're seeing about 600 people a day," Fagerman said.

More than 400 volunteers with the church have come to lend a hand in Louisiana as well as in Mississippi and Alabama, she said.

Last week, US actor John Travolta, a high-profile church member, flew into Baton Rouge with his wife, actress Kelly Preston, bringing food and medicine.

"The kids went crazy. They loved it," Fagerman said.

On the heels of the September 11 terror strikes, the Asian tsunami and now hurricane Katrina, the Church of Scientology has reached out to victims of major disasters, a policy some non-governmental organizations have questioned.

Not considered a religion in some countries, such as France and Germany, the church was founded in California in 1954. By 1966 it was "established as a worldwide religion" the church says on its website.

The New York Times has reported that in 1993, years after Hubbard's death and after years of having been turned down, the church suddenly and in not entirely clear circumstances was classified as a religion by the US Internal Revenue Service making it exempt from taxation.

From: sandy finn Date: 4 Oct 2005
Subject: Special Notice To All Seattle Ideal Org Supporters!!
To: (deleted)

Special Notice To All *Seattle Ideal Org Supporters!!

"Katrina Emergency Tax Relief Act" Increases

Deductibility Of Church Donations For 2005!

A cynical person once stated that the only certainties in life were death and taxes. Of course as Scientologists we know this is not so. And underscoring that knowledge is the fact that on Friday, September 23rd President Bush signed into law the "Katrina Emergency Tax Relief Act of 2005." In a nutshell what this law does is raise the limit on deductible donations to qualified organizations, such as the Church of Scientology, from 50% of one's annual adjusted gross income to 100% for donations made between August 18th 2005 and December 31st 2005. It also raises the percentage of income that corporations can deduct. In other words a person making $75,000 per year adjusted gross income could potentially write off his entire income and pay no income tax by making a sizable donation to our Seattle Ideal Org Building Project. The amount of the donation to accomplish this would vary depending on that individual's situation and one should certainly consult their tax professional for specifics as to how this law would affect them. But when you consider that even donating at the 50% adjusted gross income limit most of us pay thousands in income tax, you can readily see the potential inherent in this new law.

Many of you have already made significant donations to our Ideal Org Project or to the Church for services this year. With the passage of KETRA we now have a golden opportunity to really maximize the impact of our donations and make our Ideal Org a reality. Remember, if you do not donate you will have to pay income tax regardless. Here is your chance to take that tax payment and do something really positive with it by putting it towards our Ideal Org. Compared to welfare and defense spending that is a much better option, I'm sure you will agree.

*So there you have it! If you have any questions please contact Chris Finn by phone (425-443-xxxx) or e-mail ( and of course consult your tax advisor. If there ever was a time to maximize the impact of your donations it is now. Let's do so and bring an Ideal Org to Seattle.

Much Love,

Mark Arnold

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