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Helping the tsunami victims

The 26 December 2005 Tsunami was a disaster of greater magnitude than 9/11, and Scientology Volunteer Ministers travelled to Sri Lankha, Thailand and Indonesia to help. Here's a post disaster internal Email:

From: infocenter@lists.scientology.net
Date: April 30, 2005
Subject: From the Volunteer Minister I/C International


Dear Volunteer Minister,


Many of you travelled to South East Asia over the last 3 months or helped another to get there by holding their hat, donating or getting others to contribute. All of those actions caused a huge amount of Scientology and Dianetics to be delivered to that region of the planet. It has made a permenent difference.

The disaster torn regions are now recovering. People have returned to work, or rebuilt their boats, or started new businesses. Life is literally returning. Even the international media reports that the two conflicting forces in Sumatra, Indonesia are successfully negotiating peace after 30 years. There is only one force capable of bringing so much order in such a short space of time and that is SCIENTOLOGY as delivered by Scientology Volunteer Ministers.

This is a fact!

Now, here is the deal. Should we leave it at that or should we take it to the next level?

Should we let the local peoples - who have had a little taste of what Dianetics and Scientology can do for them - remember it with a pleasure moment or relief, or should we go the whole way?

LRH's intention and our's is that we clear Earth. This means we have to bring Dianetics and Scientology to these brave peoples on a permanent basis. A means to be able to do so has been donated by a celebrity in the form of mobile and stationary delivery facilities in each country.

These need to be manned with competent, adventurous, hardy Volunteer Ministers who go out and deliver Dianetics and Scientology so as to enable these people to start groups themselves - in each village and town which was earlier devastated. This is what it means to bring Scientology to these people on a permament basis. Leaving the job half done is simply unacceptable! So let's get it fully done NOW!

This is a call to you! We need you running these new Mobile Training Centers in each area. Mobile Training Centers not only delivering the tech to eradicate the effects created by the disaster and bringing life back to these communities but also creating and leaving permanent groups locally manned to continue to change conditions and expand.

The wins from VMs who have gone to Asia to help people of the tsunami affected areas are in themselves life changing and incredible and those returning to their orgs are on fire to get to work. Volunteer Minister work in Asia is exchange in abundance. A small selection of successes are given here that show this is truly the ultimate adventure and training ground for a VM.

"Everyone who comes here and goes back to their respective orgs WILL return as a leader of their field. Here competence is made in a day and you are known as a veteran if you have been here for 2 days. I really want more Scientologists to come here. There is nothing like applying LRH tech 24 hours a day"

"Being here has made me more OT and I have watched fellow VMs do amazing things and achieve highly survival targets as OTs do. With each day I've experienced the gradual dropping away of my usual considerations and stops etc. My postulates stick and my intention cuts through everything. By being a VM you become a bigger being. As you help more people and become more effective your confront and reach grow and grow. The bigger you become the smaller your case is! And other's cases too!!

"This has easily been the most amazing, confronting, but overall incredible experience. I have been working as a VM for the past 12 months both in the VM tent and individually with family and friends. While I was quite successful for my area I have blasted into an entirely new range of operation as a VM out her in Indonesia. There is no doubt I am in an enormous condition of power as a VM. The time I spent here has been worth a 100 hours of auditing. I had to confront things that would have driven me down into fear back home, but here I had no option but to overcome all of my obstacles, my non-survival considerations and my bank. Boy have I ever grown as an individual."

Hundreds of VMs are needed now more than ever and we do depend on VOLUNTEER MINISTERS to answer this call.

L. Bonnie
Volunteer Minister I/C International

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