[Tolkien Icon] Back in Issue 13 (Nov '74) NFB ran a transcript of J.R.R.Tolkien's last interview, recorded for a BBC Radio 4 book review programme. Here it is along with an MP3 file.

dragon icon Some demographic and economic pages about Pern, Anne McCaffrey's world of dragons and harpers.

[City Icon 7K] If you happen to be engaged in the onerous and responsible task of world designing, this is a tool that might be of help. City is a spreadsheet that enables the size and number of cities, the relative populations of countries to be determined for a wide range of eras and locations. Besides downloading the sheet itself you can also read a Guided Tour and some other pages aimed at designers of medieval societies.

[Map of Midgard] My fantasy role-playing world of Midgard has been around since the early '70s. Since the Monday Night players are still exploring I can't reveal Secrets Characters Were Not Intended To Know, but there are some bits that can safely be published.

[Samurai icon] Role-playing in medieval Japan makes a change from the standard European setting, this section has information on Japanese Climate and Ecology while Six Samurai (and a Monk) is a role-playing scenario set in Nippon. Feuding clans, a Lady in distress and a dragon!

The CAT Owner's Manual is essential reading for prospective purchasers of these peripherals.

ARSCC approved Everyone should have a good cause. Mine is being a copyright terrorist and religious bigot by criticising the 'Church' of Scientology, the first cult to face the wrath of the nerds.

[starmap icon] A Starmap for 20 light years out from Earth.

[Me with metal detector 17K] Next up, an X-rated picture! Horror for archaeologists anyway, for here I am treasure hunting on an Assyrian siege ramp...

Photo by Yoram Weinberg

In 1983 I was planning a second visit to Lachish, a site in Israel best known for it's siege in 701 B.C.E. by Sennacherib, King of Assyria (II Chronicles 32:9). So I got a phone call: "can you buy us a metal detector in England?". I'm supposed to be looking for arrowheads, but the detector is more interested in cartridge cases from the '48 war.

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