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More help in Indonesia 2006

With earthquakes and volcanic eruptions continuing to trouble Indonesia, Volunteer Ministers continue their good work. Another internal Email:

30th July 2006

Dear Scientologist,

My name is Gary Bromwell and I am the VM I/C in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. I am from Perth, Australia.

Just over 8 weeks ago, on the 27th of May, a natural disaster occurred on the Island of Java, in the city of Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

An earthquake measuring 6.9 on the Richter scale rocked Yogyakarta and surrounding areas for almost a minute. This was a terrifying experience for locals as the ground undulated up and down like a writhing snake. Frantic inhabitants struggled to escape their houses, doors had become stuck-tight due to movement in buildings as a result of the tremors. Parents struggled to reach terrified children and more than 9000 people were killed as roofs and walls collapsed. Thousands were injured as structures crumbled. The initial earthquake was followed by many after shocks, resulting in further destruction, injuries and death.

On the 29th of May, a team of VMs from Perth, Western Australia fired to Yogyakarta to help the traumatized and injured. The team's numbers grew as VMs started arriving from Medan - North Sumatra, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Sweden, America and Japan.

Shortly after arriving, VMs started to move through hospital wards like a wave, bringing relief and hope to the injured and traumatized. Training family members, nurses and doctors. This activity rapidly expanded out to Universities, where Psychology students, Nurses, Mid-wives, Doctors and Lecturers were also trained. VMs were followed through makeshift hospitals, in a multi-storey car park and an unfinished basketball stadium, not to mention over-crowded wards in all major hospitals, by nurses, eager to learn the assist techniques to help the victims.

The Head of the Health Department in the worst affected area had seen the VMs on TV during the Aceh tsunami in 2005. On meeting the VMs she exclaimed, "Oh is that you who are healing by using the touch? Finally, I have found you!"

Since arriving in Yogyakarta, VMs have trained in excess of 10,000 people - many of these, nurses, doctors, psychology students, teachers and lecturers.

We are currently delivering assist workshops to more than 10 schools in Yogyakarta City. This is being done in partnership with the Education Department of the City.

On the 15th and 16th of June, Merapi - Indonesia's most active volcano - erupted, spewing forth a toxic heat cloud and sending lava down the mountain side. Merapi sits just 40 kilometres from the centre of Yogyakarta city and has been a constant concern. Its status was recently downgraded from "dangerous" to "standby", at which point VMs were contacted to deliver assists workshops in villages and refugee camps - one being just 4.5 kilometres from Merapi itself.

On the 17th of July, a tsunami hit the southern coast of Java, killing more than 700 and traumatizing thousands. Once again, the VMs were contacted and asked for help. This was by a gentleman who had seen the VMs on a replay of a one-hour TV show they did on RBTV, where they had demonstrated, nerve assists and locationals. This show had been replayed by the TV station a second time. Within less than 24 hours of being contacted, a team of VMs headed for Cilacap in Central Java, and then onto Pangandaran in West Java. The VMs arrived in Cilacap on Sunday morning, and before the end of the day, had delivered assist workshops to the two worst hit villages. One in a Mosque and the other on the road, outside the village chief's house. The next morning the Regent's Secretary was given a nerve assist, after which he immediately arranged the delivery of an assist workshop for Government officials on the Wednesday morning. The VMs headed for Pangandaran, the worst hit area. Again it was the Regent's Secretary who was given an assist and his flu symptoms blew. An assist workshop was arranged at a junior high school at the request of the headmaster. This was a great success with the headmaster photocopying the VMs PR pack so that he could personally go and see the local government and arrange for future training on LRH tech.

The VMs returned to Cilacap and held the workshop for the government officials. Originally 50 were invited, but 79 attended. This was a great success and a Dianetics workshop is being arranged to train the same officials, from departments and areas all over Cilacap Region.

We still have thousands of people to help and train and our help is very much needed and very much wanted. But to continue our work here with LRH tech, we need your help.

We don't stay in hotels or eat fancy meals, but we still need funding to continue our work. We have to hire vehicles, pay drivers, fuel, mobile-phone costs, meals and cover airfares for VMs that come and go.

We are making major progress with our work here and command intention is being forwarded and targets are being achieved.

Our stats are very good, the public relations we are creating for LRH, his tech and the International Scientology Assist Team is excellent, but we need your help to continue this work.

We need energy to continue our activities here in Indonesia and this is where you can help us, help the people of Indonesia. This country has a population of over 250 million and Yogyakarta is the centre of change and progress for the Nation. We are making extremely good progress here with the help that we deliver each and every day, and the LRH tech that we bring to handle the trauma and suffering is recognized as the THE technology, for handling trauma and suffering. It is also perceived locally as the technology that can revitalize Yogyakarta after the disasters that have occurred here.

An ally of ours recently told a Parliamentary meeting which we attended:

"The International Scientology Assist Team, comes with the spirit of pure humanitarians. With the knowledge of assists, the Search and Rescue teams would not only be helping the body, but also the soul. I have received the assist and the assist is like a "care touch". Gary has touched my wife (with a nerve assist), which relieved her trauma, whereas previously she was traumatized. When she had been watching TV, and it showed the ruins, the injured people, etc., she would begin to cry. And now, after she received the assist, she's not crying anymore, in fact now when she sees those scenes on TV, she is only saying, "wow! That's horrible". The theory of assists is aimed at relieving the trauma and then in practice, you feel the assists like a "care touch". From my approach with Gary, I know that the assist is not only the one that relieves trauma, there is another technology to free from the drugs (free from addiction). They are pure volunteers, even if you just call them, they will be there."

Our help is needed and wanted here. But to continue, we need your help as I have said. Energy in the form on money is what is needed to enable us to continue our work. Please make a donation by contacting Angela or Tanya at seasiaproject@optusnet.com.au or calling them on 618 9221 7686 in Perth, Western Australia. You can make donations on-line also at

Our help is needed, I hope you can help us deliver it.

Please forward this email to your contacts list.

Gary Bromwell

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